Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Has Been... Ugh

But thankfully, there has been a lot of company to keep everyone's mind busy.

This morning, Donna was very drowsy and difficult to wake. They feared she had a stroke during the night. They took her down to CT, but there was no evidence of a stroke/bleed/etc. There are flares on the scan though that show a further progression of the lymphoma. She still has the infection that the doctors identified a few days ago as well.

The option to do CHOP chemotherapy has been taken off the table due to the change in her status. We are going to come together as a team on Monday and reevaluate the situation. Everything about this cancer is more aggressive than any of our doctors have ever seen. They all seem as surprised as us with the rate at which it has and is progressing.

We have such a great medical team in our corner. The internists, neurologists, hematology-oncologists, gastroenterologists, nurses, techs, etc have all been so great. Please add Donna's tech Tonja to your list of thanks yous when you pray. She treats Donna with such care and love. She tears up when she does things that are painful to Donna and spends time talking with her about school, families, work, and life in general. She is amazingly strong and compassionate.

We had another lovely visit today with Rhea and Robert. They brought Donna some more peanut brittle (and didn't skimp- they brought her some pecan brittle too). Donna's mom, brothers, and sisters are on their way here tonight and should be here soon.

I will do my best to keep everyone updated as much as possible.

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