Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Transfer of Care

I've just finished the paperwork to bring on Community Hospice of Texas (CHOT) as the provider of inpatient hospice care for Donna. This was the best option as they will be providing care at St Paul where were already are. The same nurses, techs, and doctors will still be on board, but they will be supplemented with additional support from CHOT. Also, we will not need to transport Donna, which can be very uncomfortable.

Donna is still refusing to take oral medications or drink any water. We are looking at adding continuous flow pain medication to help regulate the peaks and valleys in pain management. Donna is not talking today, but still seems to be listening occasionally. I know she is still in there, she's just too tired to talk. She is resting well. There have been moments of anxiety on her face, but they quickly melt back into calmness.

This afternoon we read poetry and listened to baroque music. Rhea came to visit late afternoon and talk with Donna and I. We had a nice visit. Her presence has been an immense support.

Please keep Donna in your thoughts and help us surround her with love.

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