Thursday, January 06, 2011

Tunisian Sex Appeal and Wirgins

Ahhh... birthday hangover... why must you rear your ugly head? Was it because I had too much fun and you need to balance out my little corner of the universe? Some day I will have my revenge on you... someday...

So any birthday night that starts with a blurry photo of a girl in a peacock skirt holding a bottle of liquor and a coke while riding an elevator in India must end well. Brace yourself.

We loaded up in death cabs and headed to the Blue Frog... Purple would have been better... Blue will do.

There was a fabulous little band with a Tunisian guy jammin' out and lookin' all sexy.

"Hey Tunisian guy, you are yummy, wanna hang out?" is what I was going to say if I could talk to him... at least that's what the booze was telling me to say...

Until Rob the Verb brought him up to me. Gasp! He is not nearly as yummy up close. And besides, I've moved on. Why hang out with Tunisian guy who doesn't speak a lick of English when I can hang out with my mess of wirgins!?!

wirgin (n): Indian virgin

There I was dancing in the midst of a bunch of med students on vacation in Mumbai. So they were... hmm... 10 years younger than me?

For the record, I did not assume they were wirgins. They told me. Awkward? Nope. Might have been had I been sober. Instead, I was in a suicide bomber heaven without having blown up myself or anyone else... just chillin' surrounded by wirgins. Check me out.

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