Tuesday, February 08, 2011

New Guy: Date 1, Flying Saucer

March 22nd, 2009... A very old friend told me to stop focusing on dating and let someone sneak up on me...

I'm not sure if a guy coming out of the alley was what she had in mind, but heck, it works for me.

I was running late (thanks consulting project) and he was, of course, on time... and waiting in the alley...

Okay, I'm letting this slide. I am open minded and he seems cute enough.

Please let him be as fun in real life as he is in email.

-----As an aside, this is a common problem with internet dating. They are super funny in email and super lame in person. So, know that the little prayer I sent up to heaven was absolutely necessary.-----

Five hours later, I was headed to the car. He put his hand on my back. I like that. Some girls don't, I do. Hand on shoulder in steering fashion, that's another story.

We walked toward he parking garage... I'm having a little internal ohmygoodness moment. Is he going to shake my hand? Give me a high five? Chest bump? Just say "big gulps... alright... welp, see ya later"? Good gravy. I hate this part of the night. RomComs have ruined me on this.

But wait. A nice (polite) kiss and asking to see me again all before he takes his leave... alas... there is hope for me yet... and hope for New Guy.

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