Sunday, February 06, 2011

New Guy... No Nickname... Yet

If I call him New Guy, does that make New Guy his nickname? I hope not. I think it just shows that he might have some staying power. I say this because, well, "new guy" implies that I'll write about him more than once... or twice, since clearly, I'll write about him tomorrow... but you don't know that part yet...

( usual, I will write along the way, and publish when it I feel comfortable with the idea of someone... though not many people still poke around here... knowing my neurotic thoughts)

Ahh... so why is this neurotic?

Because I've only just spoken to him for the first time.


I know, I know. But I've been... wait for it...

...wait for it...

...wait for it...

...wait for it...

...emailing him.

Okay, I think we could all scan the previous posts for the last time I said "I will NEVER get on an online dating site again." Well, whatever. I have no self control, and besides, this was fun. And I'm sure the last time had something to do with the short/weird/old guys from eHardlycanthinkofareasonwewerematchedinthefirstplace.

Why now?

Well, one friend had already met someone super fun and the other four of us decided we would sign up together... help each other manage the crazy, have conference calls while answering questions about ourselves (what are your political views, do you have pets, do you want kids, are you a freak... normal stuff like that), and have a good laugh every time one of us got a crazy... that as I mentioned, the others would help manage.

I wanted to bail after a day. Technically it was slightly less than a day. Only three of the five of us were on and I wasn't interested in the married guy who was no longer sleeping with his wife, but continued to stay with her while "spoiling" other women... gross.

The Cruise Director encouraged me to stay. Fine.

There was this guy... who seemed nice and cute and funny... so I ignored him. Why would he ever talk to me anyway?

Then he did.


Funny email after funny email.

And tonight, just after the super bowl...

*ring* *ring*

I'm giddy, I tell you.

But wait!

He wants to meet up tomorrow!?!

24 hours is certainly not enough mental prep time for this. Or enough time to lose 30 pounds and get a breast enlargement and undergo microderm abrasion and have all my body hair permanently removed and flat iron my hair and learn how to put on eye makeup and develop the world's most amazing personality... wait, I already have that one.

Oh well, bite the bullet. See him tomorrow.

Flying Saucer. 7pm.

Deep breath.

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