Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Guy: Shop Vac = Sexy

Ahhh, the day before Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day... what a mess. Who let this become a legitimate holiday? Not me. I'm still voting against it if anyone ever asks me at the polls. Seriously, the pressure even on a third date is ridiculous. Do I think it should matter that the following day is a fake holiday? No. Does it? Kinda.

I spent a lovely day having brunch with the girls, seeing Cirque with Suzie and her family, and then rushed back across town to grab the credit card I left at uhaul after I dropped off the truck this morning so that I could get to my date with new guy in a timely fashion.

As I pulled into the driveway at the house, I wondered why there was a wet stripe down the edge of the driveway...

Then I wondered why there was water in the garage...

Then I opened the door into the house and stepped into standing water.


I called to let him know I would be a while.

How long? Not sure.

Why? Don't want to say.

Can he help? Yes, but no,but yes, but no, but...

I wanted him to come help, but we're not in that place where it's okay for him to come help. Is that dumb? Maybe.

I finally spill what the issue is. He is still down with helping, I still politely refuse. I headed to Home Depot to get something to suck up all the water, no dice. New guy has a shop vac. He offers to bring it over. I say I'll come get it.

On my way to his place, I realize #1 I'm going to see his place... #2 I'm wearing pants that are dirty and wet from the knees down... #3 I look a total mess.

Side note--> how come when you step in one inch of water, your pants are instantly wet about 8 inches up?

I'm not even sure I said hello when he opened the door. I had a pretty singular focus. His house is nice at first glace, but show me the shop vac.

Mmmm... shop vacs are sexy. And he has power tools in the garage... yum. He's being so sweet AND he is handy AND the bike by the door was hot.

I should have come here sooner. New guy gets more points than I can add up right now.

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