Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Guy: The Tablecloth Smells Very Clean

Tonight I met the new guy at a little family owned place in the mid cities. The menu was very vegetarian friendly, but I am always worried about eating things that can cause potentially horrible breath or leave a frightening display in your teeth.

So backtracking a bit... we decided to meet at the restaurant since it was close to his house. It really didn't make sense for him to pick me up. I arrived at the restaurant first and did what any girl in my shoes would have, I smelled the table cloth and texted my girls. Surprisingly clean. Not that you expect a restaurant to be dirty, but this was like straight from the wash clean... and still a little damp... and downy fresh. Happily, this gave me a reason to text.

New guy arrived (and I quit texting). He brought along a bottle of wine. It was really good for a self professed beer guy. Good choice, I awarded him some extra points for that. He suggested the vegetable plate. Good choice, more points. I really like talking to him, though I do feel the need to cover my mouth when I chew and giggle when I say things that don't sound as sophisticated out loud as they did in my head.

After dinner, standing in the parking lot, he kissed me.

Happy face!

I appreciate that he seems to know exactly how fast (or in this case slow) I want to move. Nice soft lips, no mouth assault. After the frequent issues with TRE, the lack of aggressive kissing is nice.

We talked more about bikes. He said I would have to check his bikes out sometime. I giggled again. Hehe.

That's all. But I do feel the need to mention again how nice the kiss was.

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