Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Guy... Haha... I'm Lame

Haha... fun counter. Good times.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Meeting the Classmates

Yesterday (after the disagreement), New Guy and I actually spent the entire day together. That has to be good right? He didn't bail after the tears... and I didn't bail after his man brain took over.

We had a nice lunch... finally... at Into the Glass in Grapevine. I love that place. They always make me food that isn't on the menu. New Guy should like them because their truffle mac n cheese improved my attitude immensely.

After a long lunch and a stroll around Grapevine, I headed home to change before a classmates birthday. I was feeling pretty good about the bunch of people New guy would be meeting. It's nice when it's people you can trust not to make inappropriate comments.

Dinner with everyone was great. After we ate, New Guy and I headed to Barnes and Noble in Sundance Square. He has mentioned before that he doesn't understand how someone could just wander around a bookstore. Since he's met me, we've made it a habit.

It's nice to have someone to just walk around with. To look at books with. To share a chair with and debate which of the 3o cupcake recipe books might be the best. It's nice because my mom and I used to go to the bookstore all the time. New Guy knows that so he takes me now. He sits on the floor with stacks of books around him and humors me for an hour or so. He's such a nice man. I'm not sure how I got so lucky.

Long term future? I hope so :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

First Fight... Not to be Confused with Fist Fight

I woke up about an hour and half before the New Guy.

How do I know this?

Oh, because I'm a sinner. But that's okay, Jesus still likes me. I know because I talk to Him myself... because I'm protestant.

So, I'm laying in the living room on the couch reading a book for school... because in addition to being a sinner, I'm a nerd. A hungry sinner/nerd.

So New Guy finally wakes up about an hour later and I tell him I'm hungry... but the spelling bee is on... and New Guy is a sinner/nerd too and he wants to watch it first. No big deal. I'm okay.

Toward the end of the spelling bee, I suggest a restaurant that is a few blocks away... because as I mentioned, I'm hungry.

New Guy counters with a restaurant about 20 minutes away.

I'm a girl, so rather than be direct about being past hungry, I agree. But I start to simmer.

He's a guy. So he doesn't notice.

There is a ton of traffic and road construction... 45 minutes later we are finally off the highway. What is that in the distance? It's his bike shop. Not my bike shop. His. But I'm hungry. I told him that a few hours ago. So we went ahead to the restaurant and ate and there was no fight.

Kidding. Don't be disappointed. He's from Mars. I'm from Venus. Of course he stopped at the bike shop. And ate a snack there. Boiling point? Yes.

I was so mad that I cried. No joke. Tears. The salty salty tears of a sinner/nerd who was hungry.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Worst Movie Ever, But Dinner Was Great

The New Guy and I headed to the Love Shack in So7 tonight. That place is so great. I had the fried portabello and he had some man masterpiece that included an egg on his burger... dirty love... yes.

Us? No! That's what his burger was called!

If you haven't been to Love Shack, you really should go. They have snuggies for when it's cold that they loan out. Sexy ones. Leopard print.

Quick aside... I'm totally watching COPS Houston and the cop is talking about how he had to start wearing contacts because he would get out of his car on a stop and his glasses would fog up... lame...

They always have nice low key music and you can make smores over their little fire pit. Greatness.

After dinner we headed back to the New guys place to watch a movie. I'm going to say I must really like him... like-like him... like him enough to watch the WORST MOVIE OF ALL TIME.


Ugh. Kill me.

***spoiler alert***

So there is this short office with a secret door that leads through a gross tunnel that drops you into John Malkovich's head and then spits you out on the side of the road. So three people are all tangled up in love triangle, sort of, plus John Malkovich, though he doesn't realize it. Then one person locks another in a cage with a chimp and tricks her with his tomfoolery so he can be with the girl who is kinda turning into a lesbian with the girl in the cage but through John Malkovich...

Want to hear more?

Of course not... because this is the WORST MOVIE EVER.

But I watched it. So I could spend more time with the New Guy. Cuddling on the couch. And thus... like-like.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sometime in September

Updating this was clearly not my priority. I'm not even sure at this point I could really say what happened. Camping in the summer was weird. I just wasn't into the Gingerneer anymore. He seemed more interested in my brother... and my friends than me. Then the movie date... ugh. I tried to break up with him. He wouldn't take it. I gave in. He was (and is) such a nice guy, but seriously, I was over it. A few break ups later and he still was not accepting my decision.

So things in other arenas were taking a drastic dive. My mom was dying. I was in my first semester of grad school and I was overwhelmed with everything. I did something I never do. I forgot my phone at home...

When I finally got home from class, I had half a dozen missed calls from family. There was no way this was good. I had half a dozen missed calls from the Gingerneer, ugh... seriously?

I called my mom and then my aunt when my mom didn't answer. She was getting worse and they were on their way to my house where hopefully we could get better treatment.

Call waiting beeped. Gingerneer.

I ignored it.

It beeped again.

This was my breaking point. Perhaps it was the overly conservative behavior sexually (that does not make a girl feel pretty). Perhaps it was his ex situation (seemed like she was less of an ex than either of them might admit to). Perhaps it was, as he said, me being too emotional and taking it out on him (very likely). But, I was done. I was hateful. I was terrible. I was selfish and mean and awful. But we were finally broken up.

My mom didn't like him anyway. we had talked about it a few weeks before she got sick. Honestly, there was no way he could have ever overcome that one thing. Her opinion trumped everything else... because she was always right.

So why am I posting this now? Well, because there is someone new... and it seems strange to talk about someone new, when you never gave closure to that someone old.