Saturday, March 26, 2011

First Fight... Not to be Confused with Fist Fight

I woke up about an hour and half before the New Guy.

How do I know this?

Oh, because I'm a sinner. But that's okay, Jesus still likes me. I know because I talk to Him myself... because I'm protestant.

So, I'm laying in the living room on the couch reading a book for school... because in addition to being a sinner, I'm a nerd. A hungry sinner/nerd.

So New Guy finally wakes up about an hour later and I tell him I'm hungry... but the spelling bee is on... and New Guy is a sinner/nerd too and he wants to watch it first. No big deal. I'm okay.

Toward the end of the spelling bee, I suggest a restaurant that is a few blocks away... because as I mentioned, I'm hungry.

New Guy counters with a restaurant about 20 minutes away.

I'm a girl, so rather than be direct about being past hungry, I agree. But I start to simmer.

He's a guy. So he doesn't notice.

There is a ton of traffic and road construction... 45 minutes later we are finally off the highway. What is that in the distance? It's his bike shop. Not my bike shop. His. But I'm hungry. I told him that a few hours ago. So we went ahead to the restaurant and ate and there was no fight.

Kidding. Don't be disappointed. He's from Mars. I'm from Venus. Of course he stopped at the bike shop. And ate a snack there. Boiling point? Yes.

I was so mad that I cried. No joke. Tears. The salty salty tears of a sinner/nerd who was hungry.

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