Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sometime in September

Updating this was clearly not my priority. I'm not even sure at this point I could really say what happened. Camping in the summer was weird. I just wasn't into the Gingerneer anymore. He seemed more interested in my brother... and my friends than me. Then the movie date... ugh. I tried to break up with him. He wouldn't take it. I gave in. He was (and is) such a nice guy, but seriously, I was over it. A few break ups later and he still was not accepting my decision.

So things in other arenas were taking a drastic dive. My mom was dying. I was in my first semester of grad school and I was overwhelmed with everything. I did something I never do. I forgot my phone at home...

When I finally got home from class, I had half a dozen missed calls from family. There was no way this was good. I had half a dozen missed calls from the Gingerneer, ugh... seriously?

I called my mom and then my aunt when my mom didn't answer. She was getting worse and they were on their way to my house where hopefully we could get better treatment.

Call waiting beeped. Gingerneer.

I ignored it.

It beeped again.

This was my breaking point. Perhaps it was the overly conservative behavior sexually (that does not make a girl feel pretty). Perhaps it was his ex situation (seemed like she was less of an ex than either of them might admit to). Perhaps it was, as he said, me being too emotional and taking it out on him (very likely). But, I was done. I was hateful. I was terrible. I was selfish and mean and awful. But we were finally broken up.

My mom didn't like him anyway. we had talked about it a few weeks before she got sick. Honestly, there was no way he could have ever overcome that one thing. Her opinion trumped everything else... because she was always right.

So why am I posting this now? Well, because there is someone new... and it seems strange to talk about someone new, when you never gave closure to that someone old.

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