Friday, March 25, 2011

Worst Movie Ever, But Dinner Was Great

The New Guy and I headed to the Love Shack in So7 tonight. That place is so great. I had the fried portabello and he had some man masterpiece that included an egg on his burger... dirty love... yes.

Us? No! That's what his burger was called!

If you haven't been to Love Shack, you really should go. They have snuggies for when it's cold that they loan out. Sexy ones. Leopard print.

Quick aside... I'm totally watching COPS Houston and the cop is talking about how he had to start wearing contacts because he would get out of his car on a stop and his glasses would fog up... lame...

They always have nice low key music and you can make smores over their little fire pit. Greatness.

After dinner we headed back to the New guys place to watch a movie. I'm going to say I must really like him... like-like him... like him enough to watch the WORST MOVIE OF ALL TIME.


Ugh. Kill me.

***spoiler alert***

So there is this short office with a secret door that leads through a gross tunnel that drops you into John Malkovich's head and then spits you out on the side of the road. So three people are all tangled up in love triangle, sort of, plus John Malkovich, though he doesn't realize it. Then one person locks another in a cage with a chimp and tricks her with his tomfoolery so he can be with the girl who is kinda turning into a lesbian with the girl in the cage but through John Malkovich...

Want to hear more?

Of course not... because this is the WORST MOVIE EVER.

But I watched it. So I could spend more time with the New Guy. Cuddling on the couch. And thus... like-like.

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