Wednesday, April 20, 2011

420... Oops

No, not "oops, I accidentally smoked weed today"... more "oops, I talked about someone to someone else without using names, but due to the nature of the information shared, I found out later that there is a good chance that the someone I was talking to will be able to identify that someone else."

No big deal?

It was during a job interview.

Still no big deal?

I'm pretty sure the someone I was talking about interviewed before me... and talked about the same thing... but with different details...

Really, still not a big deal?

Said person probably won't get an offer because of what I said. I guess it only becomes an issue if I get an offer and don't take it... Crud.

More to come...

Saturday, April 09, 2011

One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

Or, to be more precise, two of these people...

New Guy and I decided that there was no better way to celebrate the nice weather and much needed weekend than going to demolition derby.  So, New Guy put on khaki shorts and a lavender polo and I put on a cardigan and out the door we went.  We stopped at the WalMart on the way to pick up Miller High Life (because New Guy said that's what people drink at demolition derby) and some individual boxed wines (because they are awesome).

Now, I know what you are thinking... who wears pastel polos and cardigans to demolition derby?  Us.  That's who. And it wouldn't have been a problem, but... 

We ended up at the wrong track.  

The really wrong track. 

Only a few miles from where we meant to go.

But we stuck out... like a sore thumb... or to be more accurate, we stuck out like white people in polos and cardigans. 

Wow.  Good times. 

We couldn't just leave though.  That's like saying, "Being the only white people isn't okay with us.  However, while we're here, might I just say that your all plaid outfit is fabulous!  The shorts that almost reach your ankles look stunning with those Timberlands."  But what we were really wanting to say was, "We were looking for trashy demolition derby... not drag racing with fancy motorcycles and giant cars."

So we did what anyone would have done in our situation.  We endured the "what the heck are polo man and his cardigan girlfriend doing here stares" just long enough to have one juice box of wine and one Miller Highlife...

Then we made a run for it.