Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Meeting the Parents... Bust

Wow. What can I say about the trip to Austin?

Well, we spent most of our time not with his parents. Apparently seeing them was not actually that high on his list of things to do. We dis hang out with Nana, so that's a win for me.

So I met New Guy's mom and the three of us headed to Jason's Deli. New guy ordered a turkey sandwich... on Friday. His mom has perfected stink eye. Sweet Catholic New Guy should not be eating flesh meat on Friday. How do I know that? His mom let him know.

New Guy's brother apparently met a chef on Catholic Match. She's great! Of course no one has met her in real life (including New Guy's brother - no date yet) and the actual information on her is seriously limited. This does not matter however. The fact that she is looking for love (but only PG love) on Catholic Match makes her a winner. Being Protestant makes me a los-... not a winner. How do I know this? His mom suggested that he find a "nice girl" on Catholic Match. I know what you're thinking. "Why did he tell you all this?" He didn't. I was still sitting at the table across from her.

I tried to make conversation. No dice.

Then the kicker. So New guy gets up to go to the restroom and his mom gets up too. Okay, she needs to pee. Who am I to judge?


Where is she heading?

Oh, to the salad bar. To stand there. And stare at me from about 15 feet away. 15 feet. 5 yards. Staring. Mean staring.

So, I cried. Not until I was in the car, but she got to me. Seriously though, who does that!?!

At least we don't have to go back until Thanksgiving.

In other news, I bumped into my oldest brothers girlfriend in the parking lot at random. That 2 minute conversation was the highlight of lunch.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Myspace Top 20

Sometimes I like to go back through old blog posts and see what I was thinking in 2006. The sad news... I had a blog years earlier than that, but I deleted it, along with the first hand account of being in college and being so broke that I ate a potato with NOTHING on it followed by a dessert of licking my finger then dipping it into a cap full of cupcake decorating sprinkles. Not to worry. I'm so broke now that I'm back in grad school, that if the guy I'm dating doesn't feed me this weekend, it will be sprinkles from the cap for me. I'll let you know.

More importantly, do you remember Myspace? It's like the Danny Bonaduce of the internet. Used to be fun, now it's just a sad sad place. Cryspace... :(

So apparently I needed a place to host photos for my Myspace top 20 (ooo... in your face Myspace, I broke the code of the top ten... doubled that bee-otch!) April 9th, 2006, frozen in time... BAM!

Before I can get to the point, I actually decided to check out my space... I don't remember it looking that way. You should look at yours... very strange.

So my MySpace top 20 from April 2006... most of you still exist...

Drum roll please...

  • Kendall
  • Michel
  • Nathan
  • Kyle
  • Kayla
  • Ryan
  • Nicole
  • Erica
  • Zack
  • Ollie
  • Jennifer
  • Jackie
  • Jason
  • Jodi
  • Jenn
  • Austin
  • Gerond
  • Darcey
  • Chelsea
  • Alecia

Wondering what you looked like back in the day? Something like this... or this...


Sleeping Dogs

First, I'll start with my own sleeping dog. He's been having storm angst for the last few days. He doesn't do well with the hail and thunder, so neither of us get a lot of sleep. Today, he's done nothing but sleep. I'm certain he's trying to catch up... maybe that works for dogs. So I'm letting my sleeping dog lie... or something...

But what does that really mean? Let sleeping dogs lie.

It means one "shouldn't disturb a situation as it would result in trouble or complications."

So, you're just supposed to sit back and hope it works itself out? Well, that doesn't seem like it would work for anything except maybe clothes that are already in the dryer.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Meeting the Parents

Oh my.

Oh my, oh my, oh my...

So with the upcoming long weekend for him (I have been being a bum since finals), I asked the New Guy if he wanted to do something. I really shouldn't leave so much up for choice. He said he wanted to go to Austin.

You may be asking yourself why this is noteworthy.


His parents live in Austin.

His very Catholic parents.

His very Catholic parents who I can only assume will not be impressed with a protestant.

Oh my.

"Be yourself and I'm sure they'll like you, " I hear you saying to yourself as you read this. But really, let's be honest with each other... that isn't always true. But, I will pack a few cardigans and a sundress or two, put on my best smile, cross my fingers, and perhaps see if I can find a priest to put in a good word for me.