Tuesday, January 03, 2012


I started a new job today.  Awkward.

New jobs seem wackadoodle when you are coming straight out of an MBA program where you are surrounded by friends and everything is so organized - go here at this time, there at that time, bring these supplies, read these books, complete those tasks, take this exam... 

You have this thought in the car, "Dingo-dango! I'm so freaking pumped!  I'm going to crush this job with my MBA awesomeness!"

Then you get to the new building and think, "What floor do I even work on... I wonder if TCU will take me back... I miss the study rooms."

So up to the top floor to check in at reception and wait for my boss... Ugh... the nausea is creeping in. But, lordy, this office is nice. My VP snags my from the lobby and it's back into the elevator.  Metal note, Lacey - you do not work on this floor. Got it.  We get to my new home away from home just a few floors down.  I have my bag on my shoulder.  My boss tells the SVP, "she's here!"  A few introductions are made to other directors and my VP heads back to work.

I'm standing in the hallway.

Just standing there.

Feeling like an idiot.

"Ummm... Blake..."

"Where do I sit?"