Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ms. Congeniality

I met this lovely woman when I was in Reading on business at the beginning of the month. She was so lovely in fact that at lunch I told my boss that I would need to get used to people in the northeast because I took things personally that I shouldn't. He chimed in that I probably should... because he did.

Okay, so it wasn't just me. She was a beast of a lady. No big deal. I don't do much business in that area anyway and I would keep my positive attitude down here and she could keep here unpleasant attitude up there. Deal.

No deal?

Today she sends an email to someone else on my team asking for an update on something that I do. Now, I understand that sometimes people get confused as to who does what. But she basically asked for information on ice cream in a world where my title would be Director of Ice Cream Information. Okay. Fine. Ask the Director of Peanut Sauces. Whatever.

But she copied another person on it. Someone who's not even in the business of soft foods like sauces and ice creams.

And the email? "Please provide the update."

Umm... sure robot lady. Is this a rude email? Not as a stand alone. Short? Perhaps.

The last email form her included... "I will be going there tomorrow and wanted to know if there was any follow through."


No, I just sit at my desk for 10+ hours a day playing Words with Friends with the 2 people left in the state who haven't moved onto another game already.

All this from woman who told me (the Director of Ice Cream Information) that the best way to get new ice cream flavors is to steal it from someone else. The woman who told me I needed to give her an update on the mouse ice cream when we were working on mango... one letter on the front end does not yield the same result. The woman who asked me if I knew anything about ice cream even though a very reputable food company gave me the ice cream job with a director title. The woman who told me she could do it better even though the closest thing to ice cream she's ever worked with are the frigid bits of frozen blood that course through her cold, mean heart. Oh, how I wish she would read this and agree with me while not realizing it is her.

She's horrid.

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