Friday, June 15, 2012

Home Office Decorating

In my quest to feel more at home living with New Guy, I have to constantly remind myself... it was his house first... But more importantly, HE STILL LIVES HERE.

It seems like a strange thing to need to be reminded of... but for anyone about to live with another adult, it's some rock solid advice. 

So here is the blank slate.  I won't post pictures of the storage boxes that were literally stacked floor to ceiling... or the piles of random what nots that I can only assume have been this room since New Guy bought the house five years ago.  I'm moving past that.

White walls, old blinds, no furniture
We started by painting the walls a kind of light slate gray.  This was not our first choice, but rather a mixture of color mistakes that eventually lead to owning this color.  I tried to make color choices that were enough change for me, without choosing a color that New Guy wouldn't like.  Masculine, but pretty.  It's a fine line. We replaced the old metal blinds with  "wood" slat blinds in white and hung up a simple sheer.  To brag on myself, those two purple clad degrees... mine!  New Guy apparently has no idea where his is, which is fine.  We wouldn't want to taint the new room with burnt orange.

New blinds and a cameo by Koda the super dog.
New Guy and I tested the strength of our relationship by building IKEA furniture together... brave move, I know.  I chose two book shelves, two horizontal shelves and a desk.  We added doors only to the lower portion of the book shelves to hide some of the work mess.  The blue canvas boxes store power cords and and other miscellaneous items above.  He has space to work from home and display bobble heads .. I was able to find a place for the gumball machine made by my papa in the early 80s.  And in case you are wondering, that is totally a picture of cats by Steve from  You should definitely invest of one of these if you haven't already. 
Desk/wall unit from IKEA.
Opposite the desk wall, I put up the bicycle storage rack that I bought New Guy at Christmas.  As he was cleaning, I asked him to choose two cycling jerseys that he really liked, but did not wear.  I framed those using foam core and straight pins.  This wall is nice way to display two of our bikes and New Guy's jerseys.  Storage and art in one wall - a perfect solution to our need for space and my need for a finished look. 
Wall to make New Guy feel like it is still his space.
There is still some work to be done in this space.  We will likely add more shelving and something that can double as seating and sleeping for future house guests.  More to come as we get things completed!

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