Monday, August 20, 2012

Lubbock Funeral

My grandpa is a dog lover.  Koda knew it the first time they met.  I think dogs have a crazy sense at to who they can extra good love from and who wouldn't know how to scratch behind their ears with a 100 page manual. So, when my dad called this weekend to say my grandmother had passed away, I knew Koda was coming to Lubbock.  Because dogs love to be pet, and petting dogs makes people feel loved.  So Koda and Grandpa loved on each other and it was good... 
But the rest of the story...

My dad called Sunday morning to tell me that my grandmother had passed away in the middle of the night. I knew I needed to go to be there for my dad and grandpa.  My grandmother had forgotten me years ago due to Alzheimer's  so I took most of it in a stride.  I called my Nana and told her I was going... mostly so she would say, "yes, you need to."  New Guy said he would come along reminding me of another reason I love him.

We arrived in Lubbock quite late and headed straight to bed.  The following morning was the viewing and I needed some rest.  Viewings are not my thing... at all. My dad and grandpa both looked tired. New Guy had never met my dad's side of the family (strange since he and Nana are pretty much besties), but...

At the viewing my grandpa came up to New Guy and...

Grandpa: I guess you know you're in the family now.

New Guy: Sure.

Lacey: (in my head) *because he came to grandma's funeral?*

Grandpa: Jerry talked to you about the service, right?

New Guy: Uhhh...

Grandpa: He said you would be a pallbearer. Thank you for doing that.

Lacey: (in my head) *oh my God, please don't break up with me... I had NO idea*

New Guy: No problem.

What... seriously dad!?  How is that something you forget.

So New Guy met my grandmother... sort of... and my brothers (who hadn't shown up yet) got an earful... and New Guy, with his easy going attitude and few words, reminded me again why I love him so much. 

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