Thursday, October 11, 2012

Baking Mix Jar Gifts

No more pinning random things until I actually do something with what I have pinned.  That is the new rule.  I am crossing my fingers that this doesnt ruin pinterest for me.  After a successful loaf of banana bread, I moved on to something else pretty simple... But it wasn't.

I started with a cookie mix layered in a jar. It's like edible sand art.  Toddlers make sand art... I can do this.

First note - find a recipe that was meant to fit in the size jar that you have.  Otherwise, you will be making cookies so you don't waste the first botched attempt.  Side note, David will be enjoying cookies tomorrow.  I found some great recipes here.  In fact that is the best site I have found after a lot of searching.  You're welcome.

Next note, chocolate chips or candy do not make a good layer between flour layers.  The flour does wht any logical, not crazy pinner would have suspected... It filters in between the larger pieces and looks very sad.  Whoever keeps posting pictures online with the candy pieces in the middle needs to tell me their secret.

Last note, there are a lot of sites that suggest printing a sticky label for the jar.  I went with a tie on tag so that the jar can be reused... Or filled with another tasty treat and passed along to another lucky friend.

So, the final product...

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