Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Smells So Good!

Okay, everyone and their dog is pinning these cinnamon ornaments.  Seems pretty simple.  Mix cinnamon and applesauce, cut, and bake or air dry.  Got it.  Christmas cars for dummies here I come. 

I looked through quite a few recipes before I settled on this one.  Let me tell you, this recipe leaves out some pretty important info.  First, its sticks... To your hands... And the counter... And everything else it touches.  
  • Don't try wax paper... This recipe needs plastic wrap.  One sheet on each side.  
  • Refrigerate it for a bit before you use it.
  • Put the applesauce in the bowl before the cinnamon. It makes less of a cinnamon cloud.  We had a layer of cinnamon on everything. 
  • Every recipe says not to eat the dough, which of course tempted me to eat some... I didn't, if someone does, let me know the outcome. 
  • After you roll  out the dough, flip the dough and pull on the plastic wrap or you ll have ridges ignore side.
  • Rather than the straw hole, I went ahead and used a smaller cookie cutter. 
  • I swapped out the ribbon for scrap cloth.  It added to the rustic look.
  • Last tip... Super important... If you decide to open the oven to take a peek, don't inhale at the same time.  It burns... Man does it burn. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas Kickoff 2012!

Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh...

Christmas is coming!!! Who's ready? Yep, me neither.  But, I did make my first Christmas craft to hang up before we leave for thanksgiving.  For the sake of photos, I took these on the back of the front door.  It's actually hanging at the back door which is 15 glass panels, and it's the wrong time of day for a pick there.  It's red ribbon, ivory and green paint, precut letters, and hot glue.  Super simple, but it looks great!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


First things first, who wants to tailgate next football season?  New Guy and I plan to grab a tailgate space in FW next season because who really wants to always be at the mercy of someone else's tailgate plans? Not us.  

I am on a mission to stop pinning and start doing.  The first project here was a fail followed by a win. It's okay.  I learned something on the fail...  Know your limits.  Not all things are worth doing yourself.  If you aren't great with wood, building your own cornhole set does not save you money.

I honor of our tailgate plans, I decided to FINALLY finish the cornhole set that I started... So long ago, I can't remember when I started it... Literally.  It's possible Chelsea could identify a date... Or year, but who knows. 

So, in the beginning, I started to build a set.  You can find the directions here. I bought the duck cloth for the bags, all the wood, bolts etc and got to work.  The realized I had I seriously misjudged my ability to make things using cheap wood.  Not great. So, if you realize you also have poor carpentry skills as well, don't try to make one... Buy one here instead. 

Where you will likely want to stick to your plan to DIY this bad boy is in the paint job.  Choosing your own paint job makes this a project for team divided homes, special occasions (weddings, parties, holidays), or families who just want a personalized set for the backyard.  New Guy and I went with stripes and dots in TCU purple and white and some sort of dirty orange for some school in central Texas somewhere.

Longhorns Sign... Sigh.

I made a cheesy Longhorns sign for the house.  I guess it's part of my desire to nest, but I will definitely have to talk to my cousin, Krista, before I attempt to make something like this again. The writing was pretty uneven and the lines could use some cleaner work for sure.  These are areas where Krista kills it.  You can check our her stuff here.

Anyhow, simple project.  We bought a 1x6 and cut it into even pieces with the power mitre saw which took all of a minute.  Then painted 4 of the pieces using the burnt orange house paint that we used on the cornhole set.  We watered down some white paint for the rough plaid look. I did actually space our the lettering and it looked totally even... Why it looked all jacked up after the paint, I'm really not sure. Again, I probably need some help. Anywho, added a simple outline, threw some wire on it to hold it together, and called it a day.  Don't judge me on this.  They aren't all winners.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Banana Bread

I always have ideas of grandeur when I go to the grocery store.  I suddenly believe what the food network has been telling... I CAN BE A GOURMET CHEF!

So, I buy fresh fruits and veggies, wander over to the seafood and meat section, and leave the store with oh so much food that will end up in the freezer or the trashcan.  Yep, it happens almost immediately.  It's like stepping over the threshold and into the house reminds me, "Hey, Lacey. You can't even manage to keep the floor free of dog toys.  You, my friend are no domestic goddess."  So, feeling defeated, I always head to the drawer, grab some cling wrap, and get to work freezing those fresh items in an attempt to salvage some food.  But the fresh fruits?  Those... those I set out on the counter.  Everyone likes fruit and it's so easy!  Just pick it up, possibly peel it, and put it in your mouth...

Or, let your bananas turn a sketchy color as they age on the granite. That is what I actually do.

So, months ago, Chelsea (who is clearly way more domestic than I am) chastises me about the waste and how even a monkey could make banana bread.  I reminded her that a monkey has more kitchen prowess than me and we leave it at that.

But, alas!  I am as talented as a bread making monkey... Brace yourself...


It was tasty.  I am the master. Woo.

I used this recipe but added a teaspoon of vanilla, per someone's comments below.  Vanilla makes everything better.  Maybe not cheddar cheese, but almost everything.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Same Blog, New Title

This weekend while I was posting the outdoor chandelier, New Guy leaned over and said "Kissing Frogs!?!"

"Kissing Frogs Would Be an Upgrade from my Current Situation" has been the title of my blog as long as I can remember.  It made sense until I met New Guy... even through the dating extravaganza of 2009.  So today a close friend shot me an instant message:

Friend  you need to change your header lol
unless you dislike New Guy suddenly

Lacey: I know... he saw it this weekend and was like "wtf?"

Friend: oops

Lacey: I don't know what to change it to

Friend: Something loving?
gumpy cat
happy dancing flowers

So here we are.  Welcome to the same blog with the new title, "New Title Should Be Something Loving... Happy Dancing Flowers?"

Monday, November 05, 2012

Tom's Salvage Job

Over miles of love, I managed to rub tiny holes into my Tom's.  It seems to be the standard for reason for most Tom's to end up in the garbage.  But these particular shoes are formed perfectly to my foot and I'm not ready to break up just yet.

I hit the fabric store with my man in tow... He's so sweet.  I would see him grimace out of the corner of my eye,  but when I would look his way, he'd force a smile and offer his opinion on fabrics.  We ended up with a patch and some polka dotted fabric.

After a quick run through the sewing machine to give the fabric some added flare, I got to work.  I patched the toe, we some additional spread to reinforce the entire toe end of the shoe.  It was a little tough to get the patch to stay on the shoe.  I ended up throwing a few stitches in it and adding som fabric glue.  Then... The cheat... I spread flexible no sew fabric glue over the end of the shoe and applied the fabric.

Yep... I'm that lazy.  But now these super cute shoes have a custom look that should last quite a while and all for less than $5 in glue, patches, and fabric.  Boom!

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Outdoor Chandelier

Quick DIY project that came out just how I imagined it would! This is simple one that took a couple hours while simultaneously watching my Horned Frogs break their losing streak.  I only mention this so you know how easy it was because football overtime can be super distracting... Also during the project, I had to take a moment to clean up Scentsy wax, but that is another story.

We found an old light fixture this morning at Goodwill.  Not sure if it would have worked, but the electrical looked a little sketch and was frayed.  We picked it up for $10 and since the plan was to strip its guts anyhow, the shifty electrical was okay. We also grabbed a bag of beads for $2 at Thrift Town.  I used about half the beads, a glue gun, and some spray paint.  This is it a project for the OCD.  The beads come out a bit uneven as does the spray paint.  But, for my taste, it looks so cute!  Such a great Saturday project and I can't wait to add the solar lights to the frame and hang it from a tree.