Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Banana Bread

I always have ideas of grandeur when I go to the grocery store.  I suddenly believe what the food network has been telling... I CAN BE A GOURMET CHEF!

So, I buy fresh fruits and veggies, wander over to the seafood and meat section, and leave the store with oh so much food that will end up in the freezer or the trashcan.  Yep, it happens almost immediately.  It's like stepping over the threshold and into the house reminds me, "Hey, Lacey. You can't even manage to keep the floor free of dog toys.  You, my friend are no domestic goddess."  So, feeling defeated, I always head to the drawer, grab some cling wrap, and get to work freezing those fresh items in an attempt to salvage some food.  But the fresh fruits?  Those... those I set out on the counter.  Everyone likes fruit and it's so easy!  Just pick it up, possibly peel it, and put it in your mouth...

Or, let your bananas turn a sketchy color as they age on the granite. That is what I actually do.

So, months ago, Chelsea (who is clearly way more domestic than I am) chastises me about the waste and how even a monkey could make banana bread.  I reminded her that a monkey has more kitchen prowess than me and we leave it at that.

But, alas!  I am as talented as a bread making monkey... Brace yourself...


It was tasty.  I am the master. Woo.

I used this recipe but added a teaspoon of vanilla, per someone's comments below.  Vanilla makes everything better.  Maybe not cheddar cheese, but almost everything.

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