Sunday, November 18, 2012

Longhorns Sign... Sigh.

I made a cheesy Longhorns sign for the house.  I guess it's part of my desire to nest, but I will definitely have to talk to my cousin, Krista, before I attempt to make something like this again. The writing was pretty uneven and the lines could use some cleaner work for sure.  These are areas where Krista kills it.  You can check our her stuff here.

Anyhow, simple project.  We bought a 1x6 and cut it into even pieces with the power mitre saw which took all of a minute.  Then painted 4 of the pieces using the burnt orange house paint that we used on the cornhole set.  We watered down some white paint for the rough plaid look. I did actually space our the lettering and it looked totally even... Why it looked all jacked up after the paint, I'm really not sure. Again, I probably need some help. Anywho, added a simple outline, threw some wire on it to hold it together, and called it a day.  Don't judge me on this.  They aren't all winners.

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