Saturday, November 03, 2012

Outdoor Chandelier

Quick DIY project that came out just how I imagined it would! This is simple one that took a couple hours while simultaneously watching my Horned Frogs break their losing streak.  I only mention this so you know how easy it was because football overtime can be super distracting... Also during the project, I had to take a moment to clean up Scentsy wax, but that is another story.

We found an old light fixture this morning at Goodwill.  Not sure if it would have worked, but the electrical looked a little sketch and was frayed.  We picked it up for $10 and since the plan was to strip its guts anyhow, the shifty electrical was okay. We also grabbed a bag of beads for $2 at Thrift Town.  I used about half the beads, a glue gun, and some spray paint.  This is it a project for the OCD.  The beads come out a bit uneven as does the spray paint.  But, for my taste, it looks so cute!  Such a great Saturday project and I can't wait to add the solar lights to the frame and hang it from a tree.

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