Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Same Blog, New Title

This weekend while I was posting the outdoor chandelier, New Guy leaned over and said "Kissing Frogs!?!"

"Kissing Frogs Would Be an Upgrade from my Current Situation" has been the title of my blog as long as I can remember.  It made sense until I met New Guy... even through the dating extravaganza of 2009.  So today a close friend shot me an instant message:

Friend  you need to change your header lol
unless you dislike New Guy suddenly

Lacey: I know... he saw it this weekend and was like "wtf?"

Friend: oops

Lacey: I don't know what to change it to

Friend: Something loving?
gumpy cat
happy dancing flowers

So here we are.  Welcome to the same blog with the new title, "New Title Should Be Something Loving... Happy Dancing Flowers?"

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