Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Smells So Good!

Okay, everyone and their dog is pinning these cinnamon ornaments.  Seems pretty simple.  Mix cinnamon and applesauce, cut, and bake or air dry.  Got it.  Christmas cars for dummies here I come. 

I looked through quite a few recipes before I settled on this one.  Let me tell you, this recipe leaves out some pretty important info.  First, its sticks... To your hands... And the counter... And everything else it touches.  
  • Don't try wax paper... This recipe needs plastic wrap.  One sheet on each side.  
  • Refrigerate it for a bit before you use it.
  • Put the applesauce in the bowl before the cinnamon. It makes less of a cinnamon cloud.  We had a layer of cinnamon on everything. 
  • Every recipe says not to eat the dough, which of course tempted me to eat some... I didn't, if someone does, let me know the outcome. 
  • After you roll  out the dough, flip the dough and pull on the plastic wrap or you ll have ridges ignore side.
  • Rather than the straw hole, I went ahead and used a smaller cookie cutter. 
  • I swapped out the ribbon for scrap cloth.  It added to the rustic look.
  • Last tip... Super important... If you decide to open the oven to take a peek, don't inhale at the same time.  It burns... Man does it burn. 

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