Monday, November 05, 2012

Tom's Salvage Job

Over miles of love, I managed to rub tiny holes into my Tom's.  It seems to be the standard for reason for most Tom's to end up in the garbage.  But these particular shoes are formed perfectly to my foot and I'm not ready to break up just yet.

I hit the fabric store with my man in tow... He's so sweet.  I would see him grimace out of the corner of my eye,  but when I would look his way, he'd force a smile and offer his opinion on fabrics.  We ended up with a patch and some polka dotted fabric.

After a quick run through the sewing machine to give the fabric some added flare, I got to work.  I patched the toe, we some additional spread to reinforce the entire toe end of the shoe.  It was a little tough to get the patch to stay on the shoe.  I ended up throwing a few stitches in it and adding som fabric glue.  Then... The cheat... I spread flexible no sew fabric glue over the end of the shoe and applied the fabric.

Yep... I'm that lazy.  But now these super cute shoes have a custom look that should last quite a while and all for less than $5 in glue, patches, and fabric.  Boom!

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