Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Another Cabinet Door

I am determined to get the most use possible out of the bathroom demo. We still have nothing but bare floors and studs in the bathroom. We are learning to share a bathroom for the first time in our relationship. It's a learning curve for sure.

Anyhow, I've been trying to decide what to get my grandpa for Christmas. (My Nana already made it abundantly clear that we weren't to get her anything.  So I haven't decided how to work around that yet.)  Grandpa on the other hand, he seems pretty pleased with whatever happens, so cabinet door it is.

The project took a while, but came out pretty well for a girl with nothing but codeine, antibiotics, steroids and toast in her stomach... But that is another story altogether. The project, while high on time,was super low in cost.

  • Cabinet door from bathroom demo - free
  • White primer - on hand from cornhole set
  • Wood filler - on hand from cornhole set
  • Paint pen - on hand from jingle all the way project
  • Modge podge - always in hand :)
  • Green craft paint - leftover from jingle all the way project
  • Paper for center art - Better Homes and Gardens magazine laying in the trash pile
Yes, you heard it here first.  This project cost zero dollars and zero cents. Boom! 

So, I thought about my favorite Christian Christmas songs... As opposed to Santa Christmas songs. There is totally a difference. After deciding on a song, I had to decide on the image and layout. My writing is pretty crap, so I generally go with the doesn't have to match look. For the nativity scene in the center, I laid out the design in pencil then went to work cutting out gradient blues, yellows, and brown. For the faces I used a giant face, thanks makeup ad.

I'm sure you can sort out for yourself how to modge podge and write on a board. Simple simple.

Hope my grandpa likes it :)

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