Sunday, December 02, 2012

Must. Survive. Christmas. Season.

I love Christmas.  Really, I freaking love Christmas.  When I was growing up, my mom made Christmas pure greatness.  We would cook meals together, bake more than anyone should, shop for hours, wrap presents and stack them just so, look at Christmas lights, decorate the house with hundreds of lights and Christmas kitch... Amazing.  Spending all that time together made the holiday season my favorite time of year.

When my mom passed away two years ago, I didn't think I could face another family holiday... Ever. I struggled through thanksgiving that year, but left shortly before Christmas to head to London to hide out with an old friend, then on to India for more hiding.  On a side note, if you ever really wanted to hide and hide successfully, India is pretty prime. Last year, New Guy, knowing my need to escape ran away with me to Paris, Amsterdam, and Bruge.  More hiding, only this time with waffles and mulled wine. This year, I decided to finally stay home.  I love New Guy and I want to start new traditions with him that don't always involve running away.

So the Saturday after thanksgiving, I planned to unleash Christmas magic on the home that New Guy and I share.  After my afternoon of decorating, we had plans to to the symphony for the Christmas concert! It was shaping up to be a wonderful weekend... In theory.

So, now I'll tell you how things really played out.

I started to decorate, but made next to no progress because we were more focused on the plumbing issue that was rearing its ugly head. Then, out of hunger, or fatigue, or residual stress from thanksgiving at New Guy's parent's house... We barely spoke through dinner... And not in a content with the silence sort of way, but more like "ugh, I need some space from real life" silence.  Good times. But, I'm not to the fun part yet.

First, no sexy time because we have a plumbing issue.  Who wants to have sexy time when they are dirty (literally not figuratively). What a super fun way to end date night.

Then, Sunday.  The decorating was attempted by me while the plumbing was attended to by New Guy. I suggested that we call someone.  He insisted he could fix it...

Then... New Guy put his foot through the ceiling.

Fine.  This is fixable... but where are you going with my vanity? And why are you sawing holes in the wall?
And what is that stuff falling out of the ceiling?
And, holy crud... is there water under the flooring?

So, yep.  Umm... Well.

We are down to the studs in the guest bathroom.  Because we only have two bathrooms, the guest bathroom is actually my bathroom.  So we are reaching a new level of intimacy... and sharing a bathroom for the first time in our relationship.  And New Guy is a guy... so he's gross. 

But it will all work out.  I'm sure of it.  At the very least, I'm getting a new bathroom for Christmas. 

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