Thursday, January 31, 2013

Looking Back

Sometimes I appreciate that I can look back through my blog (which, let's be honest, is more like my online diary of crazy) and read things in the words of a different me.  I wish I had the forethought to start (and keep) something like this sooner.

I had a blog in 2000 that consisted of the political thoughts of a broke 20 year old... I deleted it because it was depressing to read about the day I ate a dry baked potato and ate some cake decorating sprinkles straight from the container because those were the two things I had on hand... Gross and sad.  I also deleted it because the political ideas of a 20 year old who is broke are... wow...

Then I think about the diary I had in elementary school.  Pretty sure I was not quite 12 when I wrote in the teal diary that my best friend at the time was being a "B*#!$".  That's as close to a quote as I can get since I have no idea where that thing is and back then I thought bitch was such an awful word that I had to spell it like I was Q*bert.

But it's not just my stuff that I have been looking back on.  In a box of my mother's things, I came across part of a diary, some poetry, and a stack of love letters from my dad to my my mom. Interesting the thoughts people have that they never share with anyone else.

It all makes me wonder... should I even be reading any of it?  Or should I keep the past in the past?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting the Jump on Valentine's Day

This weekend, I did what anyone who had just packed up the majority of Christmas cheer into plastic tubs would do.  I drug out the craft bin and got to work on February's happy mess!  Much to New Guy's delight, we will only be keeping one of the five hearts. There are clips to make this a frame, but I think they are kinda cute empty.  I guess it's up to the happy recipients what they do - once gifted, my opinion because null anyhow. 

The frames ($1 each) came with a small dowel to use as a stand. I only bought two small bottles of acrylic paint (I'm a money saving fool).  The true value comes from the hours and love that went into these (said with dripping sarcasm). 

The Bride to Be gets first pick and three others out there will have a joyful surprise in the mail!  Fun!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tshirt Recycling

I've owned a great tshirt since 1999. Love that thing.  I've considered making one of those fancy pants tshirt quilts, but there are two issues, 1) I really don't know how to sew well enough and 2) who really wants a quilt made of old worn out tshirts...

Then a blessing in disguise.  For Christmas, New Guys brother gave me a tshirts.  Across the back was the phrase "if it harms beavers, I'm against it". Oh no...  Positive note? It was this great shade of purple.

So tonight I took the plunge. With a new pair of scissors in hand, I cut both tshirts to bits.  I thought I might cry... Not about the beaver shirt, the other one.  With a pile of former tshirt, I got to work on a new purple and grey scarf.

From each shirt, I cut multiple strips about and inch and a half wide.  No measurements, just got crazy.  I took the strips and stretched them as much as possible so they would turn in on themselves into cute little string like things.  There are so many tutorials out there for tshirt scarves, so I'll keep it to this - hang it on something, try it on throughout the process, make it suit your personality, don't get too bulky if you're busty...

So I ended up with something more necklace like, but I dig it.  Boom! Lacey made.