Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting the Jump on Valentine's Day

This weekend, I did what anyone who had just packed up the majority of Christmas cheer into plastic tubs would do.  I drug out the craft bin and got to work on February's happy mess!  Much to New Guy's delight, we will only be keeping one of the five hearts. There are clips to make this a frame, but I think they are kinda cute empty.  I guess it's up to the happy recipients what they do - once gifted, my opinion because null anyhow. 

The frames ($1 each) came with a small dowel to use as a stand. I only bought two small bottles of acrylic paint (I'm a money saving fool).  The true value comes from the hours and love that went into these (said with dripping sarcasm). 

The Bride to Be gets first pick and three others out there will have a joyful surprise in the mail!  Fun!

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