Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Retro Bridal Shower Invite

For the love of all things bridal shower...

It pains that I can't post these things as they are done, but the bride to be is in the dark when it comes to her shower. See. Chelsea is also a DIY kinda gal and she makes killer design stuff herself.  In fact, go there. Buy something. She makes me look like a schlub, which goes back to why she in the dark on the planning. 

She is going to have an amazing low budget wedding because she has mad skills and is making so much stuff herself. That coupled with a mom who taught her well and a MOH who woudl love to quit her big kid job and doodle all day... well, it's going to be the kind of wedding people pin the crap out of. Yep, Pinterest... the new measuring stick.

So the first piece of the shower to be all the way done is the invite.  They are headed to print as I type. 

For Chelsea's shower we are having a retro housewife theme complete with homemade aprons and a jello mold. No, I'm not kidding. Did you know you can get Good Housekeeping magazines from 1885 to 1950 online. Well... Boom!  Blow your mind with these if you want to know how to dress up everyday crackers. 

Back on track, we went with a simple two sided design.  One plain Jane with just the details and the other with an image of a sexy lady washing dishes in a dress and adorable apron while her man does guy work outside in the heat. Take that husband to be. 

We will send the invites along with custom recipe cards for the guests to share their favorite recipes with the bride to be.

Cloth Necklace

Good gravy, I have gotten so much use out of the tshirts I cut up.  The initial purple and grey number, the loop scarf, and now this. I started keeping the tshirt scraps, along with other clothes that are on their way out, in a cloth grocery bag in the bottom of the closet.  Now, when I have spare time and the desire to make something soft to wear, I just reach for the bag and let my imagination decide what direction to go it.  The white is a conituous loop.  The other colors have a quick stitch holding them in place before they were covered in white.  The turquoise case (menat to be the back of the necklace) in a rectangle sewn into a tube and inverted to hide the seam.  This was another quick one, squeezed into the time between morning coffee and heading out to my pizza grilling class.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Loop scarf

Time for another tshirt craft. Not just because it's the weekend and there is time to kill, but because I never wear tshirts anymore, but have so many my drawer won't shut. First world problems, right? Why so many tshirts if I don't wear them? Some freebies from events and some so old ones I just can't seem to let go of... Much like the last project combo, this project contains one old and one new shirt... UMHB SGA shirt from somewhere around a decade ago and a color run 5k shirt from sometime in the last few months.

Cutting across the bottom of the shirts, starting just above the seem, you will need to cut about 15 strips of each shirt for the version here. The strips once cut off will make skinny tshirt loops. When you give the loops a tug, the edges will curl in on themselves, giving the strips the look seen in the images below. I wanted a thicker look, so holding the two large loops I twisted them together making 5 loops (x2 colors, 10 loops total). Most tutorials for this scarf only use on tshirt and have a much less chunky look due to 50% less material.

Once you have 15 sets of loops. Laying in front of you, grab one or both of your tshirts. You will need to cut 4 inch by 1 inch strips to connect your loops. Stretch these lengthwise in the same manner you stretched the loops. These will be used to tie the larger loops together. Use a simple square knot, but make sure it's tight.

At the end you can either leave the ends loose or tie them together. I prefer the infinity look rather than the traditional loose end scarf. Total time, maybe 30 minutes with a good pair of scissors. Get to it!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Tiered Plate Stand

Funny thing, I'm pretty sure that is not what this dang thing is called, but as soon as you see the pictures you will know what it is and you will remember that I am not domestic enough to know these sorts of things.  So whatever it's called, tiered plate stand or not, here is my latest project of fun.

This was so many things that I love... easy, inexpensive, and fun!  I bought plates at the local thrift store for fifty cents to a dollar and tea cups for fifty cents.  The stand kit (washers, posts, screw) cost two bucks online.  They came in a hideous yellow gold... blah.  I grabbed some spray paint and my porcelain paint pen and got to work.  In total, I decorated enough dishes for three stands, just need to get the drill back out to finish those up. Each dish has a different design on it, but all are in red. The markers are available at most craft stores and just require a quick back in the oven (40 minutes at 375) to make the design dishwasher safe... yes, dishwasher.   You know you are excited!

To drill holes in the plates, easy or difficult depending on the tools you have, the best best is a diamond drill bit.  Mine is 1/4 inch.  I tried the titanium drill bit meant for glass tile, and it is not tough enough.  the job got done, but it took such a long time and the bit actually glowed orange from the heat. That's when I hit up Lowe's for a drill bit like the one I used on the bathroom tile... only much smaller.

The stand kit was a simple spray paint job.  I have high gloss 2x spray paint (two coats in one), so it just took one coat per side. I taped over the threads on the pieces to make sure everything would continue to screw together with ease.

Once the three plates are assembled, the teacup on the bottom grabs on with glue.  They have special glues for glass/porcelain.  Make sure you are using them or you will lose the bottom of your stand.

The possibilities are endless.  Pretty sure I will be making a bird feeder and some other what nots with more thrift store dishes.  I need to get full use out of this drill bit... I love power tools.

Robot Love

I recently bought an old encyclopedia. 1966. It has some seriously outdated info in it. But, it does still have some use.

New Guy has been chatting me up about robots and calling it pillow talk. Ha. Robots. And love.

So with an old encyclopedia, a fine point permanent marker, and some watercolors in hand, I set out to make robot love.

Good times.

The pictures were so simple I think it just added to the fun of it all.

What's that?  You want one?  Well, golly... go get one then!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Sometimes hope is lost.  Those days when you wonder why you keep on going.  Sometimes it's work, sometimes relationships, often times health.  Through all my mother's illnesses she never complained to me. In 2000, she said she thought she had hemorrhoids... but it turned out to be massive tumors... colon cancer.

With the lymphoma, it wasn't until about a week before she passed that she told me she was tired and couldn't do it again... all the treatment. She didn't say it until all the options were off the table anyway.

I wonder how often she didn't tell me how she felt.  Knowing she was ill and hearing the sadness in her writing are two entirely different things. I wish that she had felt more able to share her sadness with someone.  Obviously, it couldn't have been me in 1987.  But it could have been in later years.

My heart is breaking.

Forgot Lace's ballet class again. Bah humbug! Tired of living like this. I go from wanting to be dead to scared I'm dying. My stomach has started bloating up like a stuck pig.

Sometimes you wonder
Sometimes afraid
The candle burns fiercely
Then it flickers
Do you run with life
Taking a chance that the wind will end it all
Do you sit quietly protecting the flame
Can you do both
Can you do neither

Monday, March 04, 2013

Bathroom Remodel - So Close!

New Guy and I spent so much freaking time working on projects around the house this weekend. I actually laid down in the bathtub (fully clothed) just to chat with him while he plumbed the sink... and couldn't get up. Seriously.  I think I over did it just a tad.  But happily, I finished the outdoor dining table and a few small projects on Saturday, got the house a bit cleaner (projects are messy!) on Sunday, and... wait for it...


I hesitate to mention that we have been working on this since the weekend after Thanksgiving when we came home to a flooded bathroom.  I say this because so many people (myself included) have seriously unrealistic expectations brought on by home improvement television and the Internet.  When all parties involved have full time jobs, a down to the studs remodel does not take a weekend.

First a quick reminder of what we started with...

Yep, that was nothing short of awesome...ly horrible. As you can see, just studs, electric, electric (which New Guy replaced), and holes where plumbing used to be. 
New electrical.  Switches, outlets and face plates replaced... and a new outlet !
We finished up the floor on Friday night.  All that was left after my week flying solo (New Guy was out of town on business) trying to get the flooring finished, I still hadn't sealed the grout.  We used the spray and wipe sealant on the floors and let it cure overnight. 

Saturday and a good bit of Sunday, we split time where we could.  I put furniture together while he worked on installing the new toilet.  I painted trim and he installed it while I worked on the table in the backyard.  Space permitting and when needed, we came together for the heavy lifting, leveling, and installation of all the pieces.

Until you have gone from two bathrooms to one, you will never know the romance of having your man install a toilet that you will not have to share with him.  It is truly magical.

To add a little touch of character to the very clean lines of the bathroom, New Guy let me pick out the faucet... and it looks amazing!  So cute!  And did I mention, this if the first time since I bought my house in 2008 that I haven't had shell sinks!?

I need to take some better photos, but man what a long way we have come from the beginning.  Just need to grab a mirror, some wall decor, finish the tub surround, and put up the crown molding.  I could not be more excited for this project to be complete!

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Outdoor Dining Table... Success!

The table project took a little longer than anticipated, but with the ongoing bathroom remodel, I guess that is to be expected.  Made from scratch with help from dad during his last visit from Brazil. Yesterday I finally put the finishing touches on the table with a stain/sealant combo that is meant for outdoor decking and fencing. Can't wait to get the chairs refinished and break bread with friends around the new table.  If you are looking for carpentry projects from farmhouse tables to coat racks and head boards, check out this site for plans. You can search by project type, style, etc. 

Saturday, March 02, 2013


The journal entry I was meant to read.  The reason I felt compelled to read my mom's journal in six lines.

My mom's handwriting...

Talking about my Papa's cabin...

He had passed away late summer 1986 at 70.  He and my mother shared the same birthday... and technically for a short time, the same name (due to an error on the birth certificate). I remember my uncle Jim coming to our home in Amarillo to talk to my mom when it happened. I love my uncle Jim, always calm.  I cried because I didn't understand why I would never seem him again.  I remember driving to the cabin to spread his ashes.  George Strait's Amarillo by Morning was being played incessantly on the radio.

Mom signed the papers on the cabin.  It's sold. Glad she was able to sell it, but it really finalizes everything.  Wonder if one ever truly accepts the death of a loved one. (or is it just me?)

It's not just her.  It's me too.  I needed to hear from my mom that it is okay to still be sad. I needed her to say it was okay to not be over her death.  I needed to know that she also questioned her feelings...