Monday, March 04, 2013

Bathroom Remodel - So Close!

New Guy and I spent so much freaking time working on projects around the house this weekend. I actually laid down in the bathtub (fully clothed) just to chat with him while he plumbed the sink... and couldn't get up. Seriously.  I think I over did it just a tad.  But happily, I finished the outdoor dining table and a few small projects on Saturday, got the house a bit cleaner (projects are messy!) on Sunday, and... wait for it...


I hesitate to mention that we have been working on this since the weekend after Thanksgiving when we came home to a flooded bathroom.  I say this because so many people (myself included) have seriously unrealistic expectations brought on by home improvement television and the Internet.  When all parties involved have full time jobs, a down to the studs remodel does not take a weekend.

First a quick reminder of what we started with...

Yep, that was nothing short of horrible. As you can see, just studs, electric, electric (which New Guy replaced), and holes where plumbing used to be. 
New electrical.  Switches, outlets and face plates replaced... and a new outlet !
We finished up the floor on Friday night.  All that was left after my week flying solo (New Guy was out of town on business) trying to get the flooring finished, I still hadn't sealed the grout.  We used the spray and wipe sealant on the floors and let it cure overnight. 

Saturday and a good bit of Sunday, we split time where we could.  I put furniture together while he worked on installing the new toilet.  I painted trim and he installed it while I worked on the table in the backyard.  Space permitting and when needed, we came together for the heavy lifting, leveling, and installation of all the pieces.

Until you have gone from two bathrooms to one, you will never know the romance of having your man install a toilet that you will not have to share with him.  It is truly magical.

To add a little touch of character to the very clean lines of the bathroom, New Guy let me pick out the faucet... and it looks amazing!  So cute!  And did I mention, this if the first time since I bought my house in 2008 that I haven't had shell sinks!?

I need to take some better photos, but man what a long way we have come from the beginning.  Just need to grab a mirror, some wall decor, finish the tub surround, and put up the crown molding.  I could not be more excited for this project to be complete!

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