Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cloth Necklace

Good gravy, I have gotten so much use out of the tshirts I cut up.  The initial purple and grey number, the loop scarf, and now this. I started keeping the tshirt scraps, along with other clothes that are on their way out, in a cloth grocery bag in the bottom of the closet.  Now, when I have spare time and the desire to make something soft to wear, I just reach for the bag and let my imagination decide what direction to go it.  The white is a conituous loop.  The other colors have a quick stitch holding them in place before they were covered in white.  The turquoise case (menat to be the back of the necklace) in a rectangle sewn into a tube and inverted to hide the seam.  This was another quick one, squeezed into the time between morning coffee and heading out to my pizza grilling class.

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