Sunday, March 10, 2013

Loop scarf

Time for another tshirt craft. Not just because it's the weekend and there is time to kill, but because I never wear tshirts anymore, but have so many my drawer won't shut. First world problems, right? Why so many tshirts if I don't wear them? Some freebies from events and some so old ones I just can't seem to let go of... Much like the last project combo, this project contains one old and one new shirt... UMHB SGA shirt from somewhere around a decade ago and a color run 5k shirt from sometime in the last few months.

Cutting across the bottom of the shirts, starting just above the seem, you will need to cut about 15 strips of each shirt for the version here. The strips once cut off will make skinny tshirt loops. When you give the loops a tug, the edges will curl in on themselves, giving the strips the look seen in the images below. I wanted a thicker look, so holding the two large loops I twisted them together making 5 loops (x2 colors, 10 loops total). Most tutorials for this scarf only use on tshirt and have a much less chunky look due to 50% less material.

Once you have 15 sets of loops. Laying in front of you, grab one or both of your tshirts. You will need to cut 4 inch by 1 inch strips to connect your loops. Stretch these lengthwise in the same manner you stretched the loops. These will be used to tie the larger loops together. Use a simple square knot, but make sure it's tight.

At the end you can either leave the ends loose or tie them together. I prefer the infinity look rather than the traditional loose end scarf. Total time, maybe 30 minutes with a good pair of scissors. Get to it!

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