Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Retro Bridal Shower Invite

For the love of all things bridal shower...

It pains that I can't post these things as they are done, but the bride to be is in the dark when it comes to her shower. See. Chelsea is also a DIY kinda gal and she makes killer design stuff herself.  In fact, go there. Buy something. She makes me look like a schlub, which goes back to why she in the dark on the planning. 

She is going to have an amazing low budget wedding because she has mad skills and is making so much stuff herself. That coupled with a mom who taught her well and a MOH who woudl love to quit her big kid job and doodle all day... well, it's going to be the kind of wedding people pin the crap out of. Yep, Pinterest... the new measuring stick.

So the first piece of the shower to be all the way done is the invite.  They are headed to print as I type. 

For Chelsea's shower we are having a retro housewife theme complete with homemade aprons and a jello mold. No, I'm not kidding. Did you know you can get Good Housekeeping magazines from 1885 to 1950 online. Well... Boom!  Blow your mind with these if you want to know how to dress up everyday crackers. 

Back on track, we went with a simple two sided design.  One plain Jane with just the details and the other with an image of a sexy lady washing dishes in a dress and adorable apron while her man does guy work outside in the heat. Take that husband to be. 

We will send the invites along with custom recipe cards for the guests to share their favorite recipes with the bride to be.

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