Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Tiered Plate Stand

Funny thing, I'm pretty sure that is not what this dang thing is called, but as soon as you see the pictures you will know what it is and you will remember that I am not domestic enough to know these sorts of things.  So whatever it's called, tiered plate stand or not, here is my latest project of fun.

This was so many things that I love... easy, inexpensive, and fun!  I bought plates at the local thrift store for fifty cents to a dollar and tea cups for fifty cents.  The stand kit (washers, posts, screw) cost two bucks online.  They came in a hideous yellow gold... blah.  I grabbed some spray paint and my porcelain paint pen and got to work.  In total, I decorated enough dishes for three stands, just need to get the drill back out to finish those up. Each dish has a different design on it, but all are in red. The markers are available at most craft stores and just require a quick back in the oven (40 minutes at 375) to make the design dishwasher safe... yes, dishwasher.   You know you are excited!

To drill holes in the plates, easy or difficult depending on the tools you have, the best best is a diamond drill bit.  Mine is 1/4 inch.  I tried the titanium drill bit meant for glass tile, and it is not tough enough.  the job got done, but it took such a long time and the bit actually glowed orange from the heat. That's when I hit up Lowe's for a drill bit like the one I used on the bathroom tile... only much smaller.

The stand kit was a simple spray paint job.  I have high gloss 2x spray paint (two coats in one), so it just took one coat per side. I taped over the threads on the pieces to make sure everything would continue to screw together with ease.

Once the three plates are assembled, the teacup on the bottom grabs on with glue.  They have special glues for glass/porcelain.  Make sure you are using them or you will lose the bottom of your stand.

The possibilities are endless.  Pretty sure I will be making a bird feeder and some other what nots with more thrift store dishes.  I need to get full use out of this drill bit... I love power tools.

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