Thursday, April 18, 2013

Flip Flop You Don't Stop

What does a girl who failed a marital rating test from the 1930s do with her bachelorette* style evening?  She grabs a pair of flip flops and attempts a change that will make them wearable once again.  No, there was not a flip flop blow out (though this would work for those too).  The broken foot seems to be causing a serious reduction in shoes for me.  Apparently, once healed, there is a super sweet calcium lump at the site of the break.  Mix that with the fact that my feet are the only part of me that are legit thin... and you have some serious discomfort with all shoes that rub...  Flip flops included.

I saw a picture of these, but couldn't find the original instructions... I hate that about Pinterest.  Seriously people, links are your friends.


This is at most an hour long project.  At most.  Turn on your favorite TV program to ignore and get to work.


  • old (or new) t-shirt
  • old (or new) flip flops
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • Cut the bottom hem off the t-shirt
  • Cut four 1 inch strips off the bottom (midsection) of the t-shirt, they should be loops when you remove them
  • With your hands inside the four loops, stretch to make the edges curl in on themselves
  • Cut loops once to make four long strips
  • Braid the strips into a long 4 section braid (need directions?)
  • Secure ends
  • Wrap braid around ankle and down between your toes to measure length, cut to length (my original braid was long enough for both flip flops. If yours isn't, repeat above steps to make second braid)
  • Remove old straps from flip flops
  • Trim bottom of flip flop enough to house fabric knot, but be careful to not punch all the way through the shoe (be conservative - don't go scissor crazy like you did the first time you gave yourself bangs in junior high)
  • Cut one 2-inch wide loop from sleeve
  • Stretch new loop then cut across width to make 2 equal strips
  • Putting the two ends of your braid together, tuck the loose ends through the top of the flip flop and knot together on the underside of the shoe
  • Trim the excess
  • Wrap one short strip around each side of the braid to secure the braid to the flip flop
  • Push loose ends through top of shoe and knot on the underside, trip excess (do for each side)
  • Using hot glue, secure the knot and fill in excess space on the underside of the shoe
  • Let dry
  • Try on
  • Look amazing
  • Go somewhere and show off your new shoes!

*New Guy is away on business.  Despite my failure on the test (for wearing pajamas instead of a nightgown and other not sexy things), he didn't leave me.  He's just working hard for his money... ooo, ooo... so hard for his money... in Phoenix this week.

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