Monday, April 08, 2013

Sew Skinny!

First thing to note... I'm not skinny. I'm not obese or like a hideous monster covered in growths... Just not skinny. And most day, I'm okay with it. When I'm not okay okay with it is when I buy a pair of pants in. A store that uses funhouse mirrors. You know what. I'm talking about. You look amazing in the store and then over the course off year you wear the pants about 25 times for 1-3 minutes each time. Because at home, your mirror doesn't lie. These pants are awful. Dang you J Crew.

Well, it was time to either make these pants work or, through the wonders of thrift shopping, burden someone else with this fashion monstrosity.

I happen to have a have a pretty great pair of skinny jeans from The Gap. I didn't want my J Crew sailor legged pants to be quite that skinny since I intend to wear them as summer pants to the office. But, the skinny jeans should make a pretty legit pattern. I laid the smaller jeans on top of the larger pants and grabbed a pen. Measuring 1/2 inch from the skinny jeans ( to add 1 inch to the diameter of the pant leg) I marked a line matching the skinny jean. For this part, you want to make sure the outer seam (outside of leg) is even. The. Inside seam won't be, pants just aren't built that way... Maybe pajama pants and scrubs... Who knows. But in order to get the new outside seam to match up, that bit has to be flat. Don't cut the inside seam.

The rest is basic sewing, use a thread that won't embarrass you the first time you sit and get to work revamping those pants. A few other notes, should you decide to do this... Don't cut the pants until you've tried them on with then new seam. Have your seam ripper handy, better to get it right and take a little longer. New Guy was responsible for answering, "no seriously, how do they look" along the way. Best to have a buddy. I mean, if you're doing this too, you did buy ugly pants to begin with.

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Lacey Hammons said...

Bad news. I've lost weight... it is not easy to take in pants twice... dang it.