Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Proposal - New Guy's Version

Ahh... the first ever guest post by New Guy. Brace yourself... 

I planned to ask Lacey to marry me on our trip to San Francisco. Most of my friends are blabber mouths so I didn't tell anybody.
At the airport in San Francisco, while Lacey was sitting in the rental car, I snuck the ring out of my bag and into my pocket. I was like, "bam!"
We made the drive to Point Reyes. I then just needed to pick a time while we were out hiking. We started our jaunt down toward the elephant seals. They spoke to me and I spoke back. Heh heh heh... Once they started advancing on me we had to move on.
Lacey brought her awesome* tripod with her and wanted to take lots of photos. She chose a spot at the lifeboat house and set up her awesome* tripod. She was afraid of setting up the photo and falling off the railing so she had me push the timer button on the camera while she sat on the railing. I pushed the button and ran over...
Since I had been doing crossfit, my vertical jump had improved tremendously and I jumped over the railing and took Lacey out with me (I'm sorry sugar bear). Lacey's hand swelled up like a balloon and she yelled at me to pull the existing ring off her hand.
Oh no! How was I going to jam another ring on that finger?
So we took an extended hike around all the trails and eventually found our way to the unauthorized trails... Which, of course, we took.
I kept thinking in my head, "should I do it after damaging my precious Lacey?" But when I found a nice spot overlooking the cliffs, the lighthouse, and the abundant wildlife, I dropped down to one knee and jammed that ring on there. She said "yes" and here we are.
Scoreboard. Yeah.
* read with sarcasm

The Proposal - Lacey's Version

Point Reyes is a special place to me.  New Guy and I first came here early in our relationship in 2011.  I knew New Guy was the one for me even back then.  It was on that first trip, I knew I loved him and wanted him to be a part of my life forever. 
We had driven up the coast with my brother, Michel, and his girlfriend to spread my mother's ashes along the shoreline. New Guy supported me through every emotion I had during a time when most people would have made a run for it. Over the last two years, I've mentioned to New Guy  that I would like to go back for a long weekend.  I know it sounds silly, but I needed to visit my mom and for me, that is where I could do that.  It was a place distinctly ours.
We made our way off the main trail (actually onto the unauthorized trail with a caution sign) and began hiking along the cliff edges.  It was beautiful!  I stopped to take a photo of the coast and was babbling on (as usual) to New Guy about how much fun I was having and how great the day was... and how even the fall was pretty funny in the whole scheme of things. I turned to finish my thought and saw him down on one knee. 
Oh. My. Word. I love him. 
It was all happening in some time warp.  He loved me.  He wanted me to marry him. He wanted my mom to be a part of this so he chose a spot he knew she would be. He wanted me to be happy.  Would I make him happy by... Yes! Yes! YES!
New Guy is the most wonderful, thoughtful, compassionate man I've ever known.  So, with all that said, I'm a pretty lucky lady.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Karma is an Elephant Seal... The Incident

New Guy and I spent the first day of our California vacation doing what anyone would do.  We drove up the coast, changed into comfortable shoes, and set out on a 4 hour hike.  Okay, so it's not what most people would do... but if you know us, you know that this was a pretty natural plan. 
Just like our last trip to Point Reyes, we started at the lighthouse then made our way back down to the Chimney Rock area.  We were already getting surprising good with the tripod, so New Guy's irritation was fading. Besides, he's pretty okay with my need to document our activities. We won't always be this young and beautiful... haha. 
After walking up the viewing trail to see the elephant seals, we headed down the low path by the water to take a look at the lifeboat house. When we arrived at the end of the trail, we saw a sign. Not like a sign from God, a legit park service sign. "Leave the elephant seals alone."  Okay, it was far more detailed than that, but who stops to read these things on a hike?  
We didn't touch them.  We didn't feed them.  We certainly didn't throw things at them.  But, like I said, we also didn't read the fine print.  
New Guy was mocking them.  Yes, mocking them.  The one to the left gave us sad eyes of shame while the one in the middle cursed us loudly.  At the time, neither I or New Guy could have known the power of the elephant seal, but soon there would be no doubt.

About 25 yards from the elephant seals was the Lifeboat House.  A gorgeous building constructed in the 1920s, the Lifeboat House had an adorable rap around deck complete with railing.  If you are thinking this would make an excellent photo, I'm sure you're right... Unless. 
I'm a clumsy girl. 
New Guy is an athletic guy. 
I carefully climbed up on the railing positioned myself for the photo.
New Guy pressed the timer on the camera and ran toward the railing. 
He jumped...
Too far.
New Guy overshot the railing and, being an absolute gentleman, threw his arms wide to save...
New Guy was trying to catch himself as I flew backwards.
Just as I hit the deck... 

My hands and wrist began to immediately swell.  New Guy struggled to get my mom's ring off my finger before it was too late.  I was well on my way to looking like a sausage about to burst out of its casing.  He apologized profusely and insisted it would be funny later (which it probably would be... but not yet).

We did stop and take a moment to check out the priceless photo before we continued on our hike through Point Reyes.
All I can say is "wow". What a shame spiral.

The Tripod

New Guy and I travel together frequently, but as is so often the case with couples, we rarely have photos together.  
Enter the tripod. 
I have a travel tripod that admittedly I have never used.  I've had it somewhere in the vicinity of 7 years... so naturally, I refuse to throw it away.  Why? Because it was free.  And surely it will prove valuable at some unknown time in the future. As New Guy and I laid our things all over the bed last night (it's our less than organized system of organization) to pack for the trip to California, that time was realized.  
Barely off the plane and into the rental car, New Guy and I made a quick turn just off CA-1 to get the first official tripod photo.  Several takes later, I finally snapped a photo where I didn't look "too fat" in my own estimation and we both looked pretty good (despite the car driving by and totally getting in the shot).  But, New Guy was already fairly annoyed with the magical travel tripod.  
We all know he loves me, but to prove it, he went along with my need to get at least one photo in each spot where my hair was somewhat tame and my belly somewhat flat.  He's a good man that New Guy.
I think the magical travel tripod even grew on him as the day went by.  I was getting better at pushing the button, running to him, turning my hips, and sucking in... all within the 10 second time span.  So, my advice... get a travel tripod. But, as you will hear about in another blog another day... don't make your posed shots too physically difficult. 10 seconds is not that long. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

But skip the peanuts and crackerjacks, because this broad brought her own food to snack on.  Yep, Ranger's Ballpark let's you bring in your own goodies (sans booze and breakables).  While David enjoyed a super sized soda, hot dog, and salty pretzel, I ate low fat tuna salad, greek yogurt, and carrots.  I felt pretty good about myself, but dang those garlic fries the guy behind us was eating smelled of heaven. 
Had I not weighed less at this morning's weigh in, I might have had a post ballpark meltdown.  Someday I'll be in good enough shape to have ice cream in a mini helmet again, but until that days comes, I'm going to keep on keepin' on with carrots in my purse. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Black Coffee, It's Growing on Me

Okay, maybe not in a "gotta have this every day in order to maintain my sanity and happieness quotient" way, but more of a "since my life is becoming sugar free with regard to desserts and other things that actually taste good, coffee is less 'meh' and I guess I'll take it" sort of way... 
Sad? A little.
But why focus on the crappy side of this experience when I can share the exciting updates...
1. I regiestered for a marathon training class at the running store just down from the house.  Should be a good time, but the SUPER FREAKING EARLY mornings will take some getting used to.
2. My bro and I are signed up for the Disney World Marathon in mid January!  That will be such a super fun time and will help keep me motivated for at least another 8 months.  And we are going to Disney World... Sibling vacay!! What!
3. My self confidence is going up.  I know, I know... when was it ever lacking?  Seriously, I've been pretty bummed about my body and the fact that i allowed myself to get all squishly and blah and over 30 lbs overweight.  So, self confidence was almost on E.  Glad the tank is filling up.
4. I've lost nearly nine pounds. I'm excited to go to the doctor in a couple weeks with my April 26th weigh in and cholesterol numbers and see if it all looks so much better that he calls me a medical miracle.  Heck yes, I am.