Friday, May 24, 2013

Karma is an Elephant Seal... The Incident

New Guy and I spent the first day of our California vacation doing what anyone would do.  We drove up the coast, changed into comfortable shoes, and set out on a 4 hour hike.  Okay, so it's not what most people would do... but if you know us, you know that this was a pretty natural plan. 
Just like our last trip to Point Reyes, we started at the lighthouse then made our way back down to the Chimney Rock area.  We were already getting surprising good with the tripod, so New Guy's irritation was fading. Besides, he's pretty okay with my need to document our activities. We won't always be this young and beautiful... haha. 
After walking up the viewing trail to see the elephant seals, we headed down the low path by the water to take a look at the lifeboat house. When we arrived at the end of the trail, we saw a sign. Not like a sign from God, a legit park service sign. "Leave the elephant seals alone."  Okay, it was far more detailed than that, but who stops to read these things on a hike?  
We didn't touch them.  We didn't feed them.  We certainly didn't throw things at them.  But, like I said, we also didn't read the fine print.  
New Guy was mocking them.  Yes, mocking them.  The one to the left gave us sad eyes of shame while the one in the middle cursed us loudly.  At the time, neither I or New Guy could have known the power of the elephant seal, but soon there would be no doubt.

About 25 yards from the elephant seals was the Lifeboat House.  A gorgeous building constructed in the 1920s, the Lifeboat House had an adorable rap around deck complete with railing.  If you are thinking this would make an excellent photo, I'm sure you're right... Unless. 
I'm a clumsy girl. 
New Guy is an athletic guy. 
I carefully climbed up on the railing positioned myself for the photo.
New Guy pressed the timer on the camera and ran toward the railing. 
He jumped...
Too far.
New Guy overshot the railing and, being an absolute gentleman, threw his arms wide to save...
New Guy was trying to catch himself as I flew backwards.
Just as I hit the deck... 

My hands and wrist began to immediately swell.  New Guy struggled to get my mom's ring off my finger before it was too late.  I was well on my way to looking like a sausage about to burst out of its casing.  He apologized profusely and insisted it would be funny later (which it probably would be... but not yet).

We did stop and take a moment to check out the priceless photo before we continued on our hike through Point Reyes.
All I can say is "wow". What a shame spiral.

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