Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Proposal - New Guy's Version

Ahh... the first ever guest post by New Guy. Brace yourself... 

I planned to ask Lacey to marry me on our trip to San Francisco. Most of my friends are blabber mouths so I didn't tell anybody.
At the airport in San Francisco, while Lacey was sitting in the rental car, I snuck the ring out of my bag and into my pocket. I was like, "bam!"
We made the drive to Point Reyes. I then just needed to pick a time while we were out hiking. We started our jaunt down toward the elephant seals. They spoke to me and I spoke back. Heh heh heh... Once they started advancing on me we had to move on.
Lacey brought her awesome* tripod with her and wanted to take lots of photos. She chose a spot at the lifeboat house and set up her awesome* tripod. She was afraid of setting up the photo and falling off the railing so she had me push the timer button on the camera while she sat on the railing. I pushed the button and ran over...
Since I had been doing crossfit, my vertical jump had improved tremendously and I jumped over the railing and took Lacey out with me (I'm sorry sugar bear). Lacey's hand swelled up like a balloon and she yelled at me to pull the existing ring off her hand.
Oh no! How was I going to jam another ring on that finger?
So we took an extended hike around all the trails and eventually found our way to the unauthorized trails... Which, of course, we took.
I kept thinking in my head, "should I do it after damaging my precious Lacey?" But when I found a nice spot overlooking the cliffs, the lighthouse, and the abundant wildlife, I dropped down to one knee and jammed that ring on there. She said "yes" and here we are.
Scoreboard. Yeah.
* read with sarcasm


jenn said...

Cute story!

Lacey Hammons said...

He's a funny one. Didn't want to write this for the wedding site, so he used every bit of snark he could muster.