Friday, May 24, 2013

The Tripod

New Guy and I travel together frequently, but as is so often the case with couples, we rarely have photos together.  
Enter the tripod. 
I have a travel tripod that admittedly I have never used.  I've had it somewhere in the vicinity of 7 years... so naturally, I refuse to throw it away.  Why? Because it was free.  And surely it will prove valuable at some unknown time in the future. As New Guy and I laid our things all over the bed last night (it's our less than organized system of organization) to pack for the trip to California, that time was realized.  
Barely off the plane and into the rental car, New Guy and I made a quick turn just off CA-1 to get the first official tripod photo.  Several takes later, I finally snapped a photo where I didn't look "too fat" in my own estimation and we both looked pretty good (despite the car driving by and totally getting in the shot).  But, New Guy was already fairly annoyed with the magical travel tripod.  
We all know he loves me, but to prove it, he went along with my need to get at least one photo in each spot where my hair was somewhat tame and my belly somewhat flat.  He's a good man that New Guy.
I think the magical travel tripod even grew on him as the day went by.  I was getting better at pushing the button, running to him, turning my hips, and sucking in... all within the 10 second time span.  So, my advice... get a travel tripod. But, as you will hear about in another blog another day... don't make your posed shots too physically difficult. 10 seconds is not that long. 

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