Friday, June 14, 2013

Crimson Romance

Before you get too excited... This is not about romance... Mostly.

I ordered some oversized postcards from vistaprint a few weeks back.  The design on the front has quite a bit of white on it.  It included this adorable, whitewashed, 1920s boathouse. As I started looking through my gorgeous postcards, they became unfortunately less gorgeous... because they were covered in ink from someone else's project.  So much ink in fact that I can read it. 

14 lines of it. 

On my white building. 

Crashing the Congressman’s Wedding

Alice Cramer is tired of being pitied for her family’s transgressions, so she resolves to break out of the gutter and into the spotlight. As long as her local congressman can forget about their checkered past and help her secure a federal grant to open Harmony Falls Little Theatre, she’ll be the brightest star in town. But when Alice stands up in church and stops the congressman’s wedding, she dives headfirst into fresh scandal.
Why is Harmony Fall’s golden boy, Justin Mitchell, speeding down the interstate sans a new wife but with the local drama queen he’s been trying his whole life to avoid? Alice Cramer may have saved him the hassle of an arranged marriage to a woman he didn’t love, but she’s also put a business transaction big enough to save an entire town in jeopardy—not to mention his reputation.
Soon Alice and Justin are dredging up and indulging in an attraction that threatens all their dreams and aspirations. But what if life together is the dream that matters most?
Ummm... wow. It's a romance novel marketing piece for a "sensual" romance novel... on my postcards. 

Well poop. 

No worries though. Vista Print is making it right and sending me a new rush batch at no cost.  But still... a little QC would have been helpful.  

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