Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DIY Save the Dates!

Design it yourself, not do it yourself. I'm all about crafting, but seriously, you really have to draw the line somewhere. Let someone else print for you.  There are some seriously cheap options out there and the time savings is only trumped by the frustration you won't be experiencing. Printing at home is usually a disaster.

When New Guy and I were on our hot air balloon ride, my dad called.  While we were in the balloon. With a ton of people. No other noise. Just people, hot air, and my phone. Oops.

My dad wanted to know what the big news was.  Why had I called so early that morning.  So I turned and quietly whispered, "New Guy asked me to marry him."

Quiet my butt. The charming ladies next to me announced to the entire basket-o-tourists, "Oh my goodness! These two just got engaged!" So, the first official public announce was made. To strangers. In a balloon. Floating above vineyards in northern California.

It all turned out to be pretty helpful actually.  After the flight, we all headed off to a fabulous homemade breakfast at a winery. The two women wanted to hear the story, so after regaling them with the humorous bit about falling off the railing, they suggested using that part of the day to make our announcement.  Wheels were spinning, ideas where being thrown about, and our Save the Date was born!

So without further ado...

We are saving money by sending our Save the Dates as postcards rather than kicking in for envelopes and adding to the postage. It's not like the photo is a glamorous pic from an engagement photo session.  It's us falling off a railing at Point Reyes.  So if it get's to folks a little dinged up, so be it.

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