Tuesday, July 02, 2013

DIY Envelopes from Old Books

When it was time to order our invitations, they came with white envelopes.  Not super high quality white envelopes, but mostly see through white envelopes.  Fine, we will just order pretty navy blue envelopes from somewhere else.  


Seriously, envelopes cost that much? 

I don't think so.

So, off I went digging through the house in search of a solution. And there it was, somewhat torn up from previous projects, the vintage encyclopedia! Woo!

Fair warning, this is a time consuming project, but it's simple and looks adorable when finished. 

I used 4 pages per envelope, two front and two back, to make the envelope a little sturdier.  After determining what size the envelopes needed to be, I cut on set of pages down almost two inches to create a fold line for the flap.  The two short pages need a simple stitch across the cut edge only to hold the two pages together. Once the first stitch is in, stack all four pages together. Start a stitch at the cross stitch on the short pages.  This is important because if you start elsewhere the pages can get a bit off and the envelope gets lumpy. Stitch a continuous line around the pages at the size that the inside of your envelope needs to be.  Do a quick back stitch when you get back to the beginning. I used some fun pattern scissors, but really anything would work.  Pinking sheers seem like they would be totally cute! Remember not to use your fabric scissors though. That really turns out poorly for your scissors. 
My brother helped me with a ton of the sewing and we made our (80) envelopes to fit the dimensions of the standard invite (image above contains random paper from the table, not the invites). 

We used a large shipping label to hand address our invites.  Also time consuming, but keeps the charm.

And for the back, a simple fold over, double sided tape, layered stickers (seal and heart), and a "woohoo!" to wrap it all up. 

This style suits New Guy and I.  If you like it clean and super buttoned up, this probably isn't for you.  But the win... We sent a prototype to my brother and 180 miles with the USPS didn't damage the envelope or its contents. Woohoo again! 

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