Friday, July 12, 2013

Excited... and Nauseous


I just bought New Guy's wedding band.

I'm pumped!

But I'm also freaking out a little... Is that normal?

Perhaps it's the 33 years of living the single life, knowing that I could pack it up and move across the country at any moment, checking the flight sales not worrying about who might care if I went on a last minute vacation, and generally just being me, worrying only about me, and planning a future that was focused completely on me. Yep.  There it is. Waiting until you are in your thirties to get married makes you sound pretty dang selfish.

But less about me and more about the wedding band...

We all know New Guys loves his bikes.  Cross bike, mountain bike, single speed, tandem, roadie, more bike frames than he knows what to do with. So did I get him a bicycle themed ring!?! You bet your ass I did... n't.

Seriously, that would be ridiculous. BUT -

There is a gent out of Georgia who bailed on his "real job" to make titanium cogs. Then he sold out... sorta... then he bailed (because of Schwinn, which we can all understand)... now he just makes rings.  What...?
Custom Made Rings
I know what you're thinking, this can't be a good idea.

You. Are. Wrong. This. Is. Awesome.

So this gent makes titanium wedding bands for the cycling guy in your life and they are gorgeous! And sturdy enough that your mountain biking man can keep it on during his rides. Sounds better every minute doesn't it?  So New Guy will be sporting one of these beauties come January and I'm pretty excited!

Meteorite Bevels Titanium Ring


Michel D said...

That's really nice looking!

Lacey Hammons said...

Too big... have to send it back. Blah.