Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Something Blue Necklaces

Laid out on wax paper, drying and not looking very well staged... I unveil the glass tile necklaces for my Something Blue Brigade!

Just want directions without the random chatter... scroll on down to the bottom...

First off, the group does not have 30 ladies in it. That would be overkill... and crazy.  The group does consist of my closest girlfriends and family members. I chose some designs to specifically suit the wearer and some designs to be universally pretty so that there were options for those who already have an outfit in mind or want something they can wear again.  The process was pretty simple once I got started, but you will definitely want to snag a video tutorial on this project.

I started with the kit from Papernpearls on Etsy.  That really is the easiest way to go and the customer service is fabulous!  At first I wanted to snag scrapbook paper with fabulous blue patterns, but I quickly realized I really wanted them to be as unique as the ladies who would be wearing them.  I scoured the internet for blue fabrics, patterns, wallpapers, and random images. For my cousin who is into the cosplay scene, a Captain America star from the center of the costume.  For my soon to be sister in law who loves Dr. Who, a Tardis. The possibilities are endless and you can really find fun ways to represent each woman in a way she will appreciate.  I wrapped mine up in inexpensive favor boxes with a piece of navy blue felt and mailed them to their new owners with a handwritten note and a page on the joys of the Something Blue Brigade. 


Things you will need: 
  • glass tiles
  • bails (hooks for the back)
  • paper or fabric you want to use for the image
  • diamond glaze
  • small paintbrush
  • wax paper (optional)
  • superglue
  • something to hang it with (chain, ribbon, etc)

Super simple directions:
  • trace the shape of the tile onto your paper or fabric
  • cut just inside the lines so there will be no overhang
  • double check the cut shape against the tile before adhering
  • squirt a small dot of glaze onto the back of the tile
  • use brush to spread glaze to tile edges
  • adhere the paper or fabric image side down to the tile
  • gently rub the fabric or paper to remove bubbles
    • optional method (totally easier) - flip tile onto wax paper and press down firmly to remove bubbles
  • let dry 10-15 minutes
  • using brush add second coat of glaze to seal paper or fabric
  • let dry several hours (leave them over night to be safe)
  • using super glue, adhere the bail to the back of the tile, let dry
  • string that bad boy up
  • look gorgeous in your new necklace

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