Monday, March 03, 2014

Considering Taking Up Blogging for Lent

Or I guess taking it back up.

It seems I have again spent several months in radio silence with the blog. I could use the whole planned a wedding got married thing as an excuse, but instead of excuses let's talk about what made me circle back around...

A friend posted 10 truths we forget to easily. I expected the post to be something completely different from what it was. It's a funny thing, the mind. In the brief moment before the page loaded, I had already constructed the entire list in my head. None of them, it turns out, were on the list.

The truths that I forget too easily aren't the same as those forgotten by another. Sure, there are some things we all have in common... but then there are those pieces of the human experience (though they may be shared at a surface level) that are so personal that you could never fully express them to anyone else. For me, writing keeps me in touch. It may bore anyone who dares to read to read it, but it grounds me. It grounds me in the activity i wrote about. It grounds me in the experiences I'm having.  It grounds me in my internal dialogue - which let's be honest, can be a disaster.

So I thinking about an organized effort. Not one to gain more readers, because I don't want to be a food blogger... or a fashionista... or your one stop shop for something funny... or a DIY haven. I just want to be more grounded...

Grounded in whatever happens to be on my mind on any given day.



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Jackie Moore said...

Hmmmm, indeed. I'd like it if you started writing again :)