Monday, July 28, 2014

Changing My Point of View

I will admit it. Sometimes work is a complete beat down. It can be a soul sucking experience that leaves you with very little energy to take home. This applies to even those of us with the most rewarding careers. Even when your work makes a difference, challenges you to grow, taps into your creativity and logic equally... even when you earn a good living and do it in the comfort of an ergonomically designed work space, it can still zap the life right out of you.

But there is hope...

I'm not here to give sage advice on finding you passion or living out your dreams. I'm not going to tell you how to get more responsibility, more money, or more staff. I'm not here to sell you the magic bullet that will forever silence your work foes and make you the most efficient, strategic team member in your organization.

I'm here to tell you to clean up your desk.

Yes, you. The one with the organized piles. I know you know where everything is, but seriously, you would still know where it was if you placed it neatly in a file in the drawer where it belongs. And from the drawer, it can't constantly stare at you, mocking you at 7pm when you still haven't cracked it open.  Trust me, I was you. It's difficult, but you will totally feel better. Admitting you have a problem is the first step.

Even on my best days, this monster was hiding under my desk. 
But don't stop there.

Now that the piles are safely in folders in drawers where they belong (or on the desk to remind you of their superiority over the other items from the pile), give your desk a good de-cluttering of office supplies and those papers you stuck up on the wall 3 years ago.  Ask yourself, do you need the phone list with the names of your former coworkers. What about the once useful shortcuts for your database? Surely you've figured that out by now.

Oh man, I'm a championship level pile maker. 
And now, it's clean. Make it yours.

You spend 8 hours every day here. That's if you're lucky. I left work last Friday night after 8pm... and I'm supposed to be a nine-to-fiver. Find what makes you happy and what you makes you unhappy. I happen to hate the fabric behind my monitor, so I covered it up. My husband, love him, so I brought in a couple photos. Legos? Why not. Digital frame with vacation photos? Sure! And a plant... something other than me to breath some life into this office.

Wow. I'm awesome and so is my office.
I'm not quite done, but I the small amount of work already done in this office has given a new perspective on my space. It's helped me refocus my work and get more done. At the end of the day, I'm able to clean up my desk in a matter of a few minutes. Not the best feeling at the end of the day, but in the mornings, I'm thankful to step into a fresh space without the same folder at the top the pile.

Total cost of office and attitude makeover:

  • Succulent pot - $20 for the plants and $15 for the pot
  • Fabric to recover built in bulletin board -  $4
  • Magnet boards on cabinet doors - 2 x $1 cookie sheets at the dollar store, $2 fabric, $1 for glass stones for magnets
Elbow grease and what nots from the craft bin at home rounded out this makeover. Just remember, if nothing else gets done in your work space... at least clean up the pile(s).

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kitchen Remodel: Casa Orlikowski

When I first met New Guy, he was working on a remodel in his kitchen. When I moved in with New Guy two years later, he was still working on the remodel of the kitchen. When I got engaged to New Guy, the kitchen remodel was still in progress (his words, not mine, because "in progress" implies progress). When I married New Guy, the kitchen looked exactly like it did when I met him. He's so great (and handsome and funny and smart), but the kitchen was the black mark on his record for sure. 

Now, we all know I have tiling skills. All women should, but most seem to put this behind other great feminine skills like financial modeling, carpentry, and strategic planning. Women are so cool. But I digress. 

My dad came into town and for the 100th time, I stubbed my toe on the unfinished tile work. Dad said, "WTF!" or more likely, "hey, kiddo, what can I do to help you finish the kitchen?" So he snagged me a new blade for the tile saw, I guilted the hubs, and... tadaa! 
New kitchen!
Have I mentioned that we're moving? Yep. Hope whoever moves in likes their BRAND NEW kitchen. Though I may rub my face and hands over every surface just to mark it as my own before I leave.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Man Trade? Seriously?

Today I clicked on my Facebook notifications and was surprised that I had been invited to a group called Man Trade - DFW. Shocking as this may be... I am not, nor have I ever been - despite my broad shoulders - a man. I scrolled through the members... man, man, man, man, man x a couple hundred, and me. Well, now I'm curious. What could I possibly be doing in here? So I read on. 

NOTE TO NEW MEMBERS: This is a place to post crap you want to get rid of. I belong to a similar group call Beg Borrow Trade Fort Worth. It is a closed group and new members will be added by vouch only. If you have a friend who you think would be a good fit then shoot me a note and I'll add him. If he turns out to be a douche then it's your ass that might get banned. 
BBT is a good group but its mostly Baby Food, Tampons and Skinny Jeans. So I created Man Trade to get guy stuff going. Pretty much anything guys would be into is fair game...I'll even tolerate occasional BS just be cool. 
WARNING: Jerks will be banned!
Well! Despite the obvious issues with spelling and grammar, I am tickled pink to start posting!

After some serious thought, I decided to surround my very manly objects with things that I (a lady) owns like tools and a super, sweet ladder. I didn't want my manly posting to literally blow anyone's mind on the first day of Man Trade -DFW, so I figured the girlie things I use around the house all the time would knock the testosterone level down a notch and protect the skulls of the innocent.

I'm sorry to say there were typos in this.
In my excitement to get my first post up, I just lost my head. 

Sadly, that message below was me getting banned from the group. Though, if I read the rules right, the ass of the person who added me (apparently a douche or possibly jerk since I was banned), should also be banned... So, to the sexist, backwoods, uniformed ass who started this group and invited me - kick yourself out.