Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kitchen Remodel: Casa Orlikowski

When I first met New Guy, he was working on a remodel in his kitchen. When I moved in with New Guy two years later, he was still working on the remodel of the kitchen. When I got engaged to New Guy, the kitchen remodel was still in progress (his words, not mine, because "in progress" implies progress). When I married New Guy, the kitchen looked exactly like it did when I met him. He's so great (and handsome and funny and smart), but the kitchen was the black mark on his record for sure. 

Now, we all know I have tiling skills. All women should, but most seem to put this behind other great feminine skills like financial modeling, carpentry, and strategic planning. Women are so cool. But I digress. 

My dad came into town and for the 100th time, I stubbed my toe on the unfinished tile work. Dad said, "WTF!" or more likely, "hey, kiddo, what can I do to help you finish the kitchen?" So he snagged me a new blade for the tile saw, I guilted the hubs, and... tadaa! 
New kitchen!
Have I mentioned that we're moving? Yep. Hope whoever moves in likes their BRAND NEW kitchen. Though I may rub my face and hands over every surface just to mark it as my own before I leave.

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