Thursday, July 17, 2014

Man Trade? Seriously?

Today I clicked on my Facebook notifications and was surprised that I had been invited to a group called Man Trade - DFW. Shocking as this may be... I am not, nor have I ever been - despite my broad shoulders - a man. I scrolled through the members... man, man, man, man, man x a couple hundred, and me. Well, now I'm curious. What could I possibly be doing in here? So I read on. 

NOTE TO NEW MEMBERS: This is a place to post crap you want to get rid of. I belong to a similar group call Beg Borrow Trade Fort Worth. It is a closed group and new members will be added by vouch only. If you have a friend who you think would be a good fit then shoot me a note and I'll add him. If he turns out to be a douche then it's your ass that might get banned. 
BBT is a good group but its mostly Baby Food, Tampons and Skinny Jeans. So I created Man Trade to get guy stuff going. Pretty much anything guys would be into is fair game...I'll even tolerate occasional BS just be cool. 
WARNING: Jerks will be banned!
Well! Despite the obvious issues with spelling and grammar, I am tickled pink to start posting!

After some serious thought, I decided to surround my very manly objects with things that I (a lady) owns like tools and a super, sweet ladder. I didn't want my manly posting to literally blow anyone's mind on the first day of Man Trade -DFW, so I figured the girlie things I use around the house all the time would knock the testosterone level down a notch and protect the skulls of the innocent.

I'm sorry to say there were typos in this.
In my excitement to get my first post up, I just lost my head. 

Sadly, that message below was me getting banned from the group. Though, if I read the rules right, the ass of the person who added me (apparently a douche or possibly jerk since I was banned), should also be banned... So, to the sexist, backwoods, uniformed ass who started this group and invited me - kick yourself out. 

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